Education and Progress For All

Empowering K-12 teams to connect and learn from each other.

Holistic, comprehensive, education-based therapy models that integrate systems of support and transform classrooms into a therapeutic environment so that every student —and every teacher—has a clear path to reach their potential.

Inspired to innovate the way your school’s therapies are accessed and delivered? We’ve got you.


Working together to help Special Needs children access their own education, discover hidden talents, and be their best selves by surrounding everybody on board with data-driven support, advanced tech-tools, and good old fashioned collaboration and problem-solving.


PTS is a seasoned company with a fresh business model. We’re doing it the way we wish our own bosses and managers would have done it when we were therapists and education administrators. Now that we’re the bosses and managers, we’re sharing what we’ve learned along the way. Now more than ever, we’re doubling down on therapists, carving out highly desirable career paths and investing in their success. Together, we’re changing the way we help children access their full education.


Our framework works systematically to create a cycle of continuous improvement.

We call it the therapeutic ecosystem™ and it is here to help everybody do more for more students with less stress on budget, staff, and sanity.

The unique framework of PTS means that special needs services and related therapies are painless to provide, no matter how student populations ebb and flow. When you’ve got a mindset that believes stability brings progress, it all clicks into a cycle of continuous improvement. Say goodbye to administrative triage; it’s a new day, and self-sustaining partners and programs are where it’s at. Our proprietary software makes everyone’s job easier — and that data drives the way our pediatric services are delivered.

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Dive deeper into the Special Needs Ecosystem. Resources and related articles that explore a full range of thought leadership addressing the Whole Child—social, emotional, cultural, as well as physically and psychologically—and embracing the possibility of more and more innovative and holistic interventions.