​At PTS, we manage your therapy you don't have to.
Even the most experienced pediatric therapists perform best when they work collaboratively. PTS provides a level of oversight and on-site program support which is unparalleled, from monitoring compliance of documentation to consulting on more complex individual cases.  Each PTS client is assigned a Clinical Director, who provides on-site support and management of your therapy program.  This proactive team leadership helps ensure consistency across your district and allows PTS to insulate school administrators from having to handle the vast majority of therapy related issues that come up during the school year.  This is all designed to make sure the therapy program runs seamlessly. This is complemented by BudgetWatchTM our data-driven documentation and billing procedures, which creates a high level of accountability for student progress and the efficient use of therapists' time.  By collecting and analyzing metrics at the building level, PTS managers can identify where our supports should be targeted to multiply the impact of the therapy program for students and teachers.  Our BudgetWatch system also helps identify opportunities to capture additional budgetary savings and improve efficiency.  This includes implementation of RtII initiatives, such as PTS’ Pencil Power Program, a short-term, six week handwriting program which helps keep students off the OT caseload by providing supplemental handwriting instruction. 

Each PTS’ Program Support was created in response to the most common challenges that districts face in meeting the needs of struggling students while also controlling their therapy budgets.
In addition to providing the therapy staff you need, PTS provides:

  • Teacher And Parent Training
  • Access To Expert Clinicians
  • RtII
  • Implementation of Special Program Initiatives
  • Special Education Process Consulting
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Administrative Support 
  • On-site Clinical Support

As part of our commitment to forming long-term partnerships with our clients, PTS management and consultative supports, such as teacher trainings and compliance monitoring are provided at no additional charge to the district.  All you pay for is therapists’ professional time. 
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