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The Therapist Achievement Approach is a qualifying, placement, and support process for prospective PTS therapists. We strive to place the best clinician in the right school environment, empower them to serve the students, and ensure their success throughout the year with consistent delivery of support, professional guidance and peer-based learning.

Step One: The Perfect Match Assessment
The first step of our process is a brief interview designed to acquaint us with your professional experience and goals. We will outline the needs of the programs we serve, share our unique system for therapist support, and work together to determine the best fit for your personal and professional needs.
Step Two: The Opportunity Alignment
This onsite location preview will allow you to evaluate the assignment, the school, the program administrator’s expectations and the paperwork requirements. We will also provide you with a complimentary Career Opportunity Packet  (a professional resource packet filled with helpful reminders and forms.)
Step Three: The SmartStart Advantage
At this meeting, we will deliver a PTS Confidence Kit to you that includes a client’s initiatives and goals, accurate caseload lists, instructions for our online billing system, and the schedule of our professional development workshops. We also include an introduction to the team and a welcoming to the PTS community.
Step Four: The Onsite Alliance Network
Once you are onsite in your assignment, we will provide specific clinical support, professional mentoring and dedicated advocacy wherever needed.
Step Five: Year to Year Transition Support  
Secure your position for the next school year with PTS, and prepare for a seamless transition into the next year as we discuss any questions, conflicts and successes and provide you with the opportunity to engage in a dialogue about your career ladder with one of our Program Directors. To end the year right, we host our PTS Thank You Party where we announce awards and celebrate our shared achievements.
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