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Transforming classrooms into a therapeutic environment.

Hi there, we’re PTS.

When we’re not working in classrooms, on care teams, with individuals, or innovating how special education is delivered…..

…..we’re helping School Districts meet budgetary requirements and find reliable solutions regardless of the disability, behavioral problem, or neurodivergence.

What do you want out of your in-house Therapeutic Services partnership?

  • The best supports are integrated across multiple environments.
  • Savvy and proactive approaches improve the way therapies are accessed and delivered.
  • When everyone works together in a community of caring we can
    • affect a change
    • in less time
    • with more people

We’re on a mission to expand the positive impact of Related Services on our own cases, as well as the thousands of school-aged children who are not enrolled but still benefit from this kind of integrated system of support and teacher training in the classroom—and classrooms all over the world.

If you need an expert to assess and implement customized programs, strategies, or resources, we are at your service.

We specialize in special education and pediatric therapy, which is a blend of data analysis, systems design, program development, teacher training, family support and everything a student needs to thrive.

Pediatric therapists are team players, in both advising and assistance. We help you:

  1. Work through anything currently holding students back: investigate, evaluate, and solve classroom problems.
  2. Get the right kids, and only the right kids on the caseload – we make sure all our therapists understand eligibility for therapy in an education-based model.
  3. ID the right clinicians and experts to work seamlessly and successfully with your team. We walk the walk and talk the talk in a continuous flow of qualified people.


DIVE INTO the PTS Therapeutic Ecosystem

Special Needs Kids have every opportunity to access their education and thrive through therapies and strategies. Therapists have access to professional development and one-on-one mentorship plus masterminding from a Managing Director and a team of clinical mentors. Teachers get training and techniques they can take back to the classroom. Parents see progress, holistically. They trust there’s an expert advocating for their child, someone that has a unique talent in making assessments, connecting the dots, and discovering unique gifts. School Principals gain peace of mind from a non-squeaky wheel that works wonderfully and on-budget. Elected School Board Officials enjoy happy parents (read, constituents). School Superintendents, Procurement Offices, and Finance Directors get a chance to show how good they are at their jobs when they onboard value partners that do excellent work and save the school district money in the long run. Special Education Department Directors love it when service providers work together to solve their own problems and retain compliance when it comes to rules and regulations.

Our guarantee:

We’ve got one of the most supportive teams on staff to ensure the success of our students. Have you met them yet? Our company culture prioritizes the student experience above and beyond all expectations, building trust and adding value. This is the reason we have gotten such great report cards, feedback, and repeat clients in our two decade-plus career. You see, we are parents and teachers ourselves, and we know what it means to get support.


American Physical Therapy Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association