Adopting an Agile Approach to Related Services is No Longer Optional

In a changing world, students’ unique needs demand it

Whether by choice or necessity, more U.S. schools are facing dramatic transformation.

Amid the change and uncertainty, how will you ensure your students get the related services they need to make progress?

When you know how to implement agile concepts in your program, you can position it and the students it serves for success during this educational sea change.

In Creating an Agile School-Based Therapy Program: An Administrator’s Guide, a free eBook from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), you’ll discover…

  • How a simple agile approach lets you serve students more effectively and efficiently throughout the school year.
  • Which four key areas you should immediately address to make your program more agile.
  • What agile-related service delivery looks like in practice—interventions, consults, data collection and reporting, and more.
  • How an agile framework promotes students’ healing from trauma.
  • Why agile approaches strengthen critical connections between school and home.

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