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Artic Blast™ Speech-Language Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Program

You know students with this challenge. They experience difficulties pronouncing a few common words. The teacher and other students may not be able to understand them from time to time. The issue is mild but still impacts these students on a day-to-day basis.

Authored by Janelle Paul M.S., CCC/SLP, a Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) director and Speech Language Pathologist, Artic Blast™ is a breath of fresh polar air for your Speech Language Pathology (SLP) program! By introducing this program, you can ensure more students have access to therapeutic supports in their least restrictive environment—all while having fun.

What is Artic Blast™?

Artic Blast™ This proprietary program provides a fun and interactive way for elementary students to practice speech articulation, without adding them to already full therapist caseloads. By introducing this fun solution at the classroom level, more students can receive therapeutic interventions in the Least Restrictive Environment, and:

  • Reduce overidentification
  • Reduce disproportionality
  • Prevent overloaded therapy caseloads

Artic Blast™ Gets Real Results in the Classroom

When PTS ran the program in a local school, we were looking to gauge its effectiveness for real students. We found that students scored higher on the post-test than pre-test, a key indicator that Artic Blast™ was a valuable tool for building articulation skills.

This process also identified just one student who truly needed more in-depth special education services. As intended, Artic Blast™ helped get the right kids on caseload, rather than treating special education as a catch-all service.

Created with Students, Teachers, and Parents in Mind

Janelle authored Artic Blast™ to fill a need we saw for more SLP programming. However, therapists were already balancing overloaded caseloads. This is especially true in a post-COVID school environment, as you may have already noticed within your own district.

Artic Blast™ allows schools to access therapeutic supports at the classroom level, without a referral to related services or an unnecessary or lengthy evaluation.

Who is a Candidate for Artic Blast™?

You’ll know the program may be a good fit for a student if you can answer yes to these questions:

  • Does the student have a minor speech issue?
  • Does the teacher have trouble understanding the student?
  • Does the student still benefit by being in a general education classroom?

Who can run the program?

Artic Blast™ You don’t need to be a trained speech therapist to provide students with the benefits of using this program. With detailed instructions provided by PTS, Artic Blast™ can be easily run by:

  • Teachers
  • Teacher aides
  • Parent volunteers

Of course, we recognize that there is some specialization involved in teaching articulation. That’s why there are supportive resources for the person running the program.

Because Artic Blast™ is so accessible, skills learned in facilitating this program can be implemented in other ways within the regular education classroom, even by facilitators who aren’t therapists. It’s truly therapy without the therapist.

A versatile program for diverse needs

Not every student with borderline articulation difficulty has the same needs. There are two versions of the Artic Blast™ program: a standard 6-week and an extended 12-week intervention. Monitoring during the first six weeks will determine if a child needs further immersion in the program.

The program can be tailored for two to four students at a time. Small groups allow every student to receive the personal attention they need to practice and grow.

Keeping parents in the loop

We recognize that parents should be involved in their child’s education—and that one hour a week of pre-intervention programming is not enough to reinforce speech articulation.

That’s why a letter is sent home with each student explaining what was covered during the week. Also included is a worksheet for parents and students to practice together at home.

This worksheet reinforces the strategies learned at school, while giving parents an opportunity to immerse themselves in their child’s learning. It also allows them to be a better resource for their child when it comes to practicing speech articulation.

How to implement Artic Blast™ in your school

Do you want to use Artic Blast™ as a part of your SLP programming? At PTS, we make data driven decisions alongside our therapists and help our partnering school districts implement our classroom interventions effectively.  

Contact PTS to learn how you can introduce Artic Blast™ as part of your school’s special education curriculum today!

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