Artic Resource for Speech Therapy

Artic Blast Bingo, your resource for speech therapy and articulation

The versatility of Bingo makes it an easy “go to” for any therapy session.

Using a bingo type game provides the opportunity for some organic natural cueing. The answer is somewhere on the board! So,  the therapist can easily direct the student to look at a certain part of the board to find his answer, provide a choice of two, or use directional cues for the child to find the correct answer. Also using matching or errorless teaching for high rates of success so every child can leave the therapy feeling really good about their work.

PTS has taken the assembly and prep off of the “to do” list for the therapist by developing a entire line of Bingo Blast games to complement our Artic Blast Tier 2 Small Group Intervention. With Bingo Boards addressing personal information, “wh” questions, articulation sounds and common language goals, we have done your therapy prep for you. Easy to pull out for a make-up sessions, Fun Friday, or just in case your short on planning time. With the versatility and ease of use, it’s the perfect solution to for almost any level, and any session.

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