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Do Your Behavior Health Services Avoid Costly Outplacements?

When your special education program can’t adequately meet students’ needs, out-of-district placements can seem like the only option.

And when administrators in one suburban Philadelphia school district brought in behavioral health services experts from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) to handle an especially challenging case of school refusal, they thought it was the only option left.

While outplacements can get students the mandated services and supports they need, they can also end up putting quite a strain on a program’s budget.

If an IEP team decides an out-of-district placement is what’s best for the student, your options can feel very limited.

But PTS’ innovative combination of high-quality diagnostic support, expert consultations, and documented fidelity in implementing behavior plans can often keep students in the least restrictive environment right in their own district. Doing so is a win for the students—and for their districts’ special education budgets!

PTS Behavioral Services Developed a Consistent, Data-Driven Plan

By the time PTS’ behavioral health services clinicians arrived in this Delaware County school district, the student had been coming to school but refusing to participate in any undesired activities for more than three months.

Several behavior support staff personnel had come and gone. Turnover and lack of consistency were aggravating the situation.

The student’s school refusal behavior had hit at an all-time high. He spent multiple hours a day engaged in problematic behaviors. He was leaving and disrupting the classroom, severely hindering his and his peers’ ability to learn.

Administrators felt certain this student would be unable to remain in-district. They were gearing up and steeling themselves for an extremely costly Plan B.

PTS’ Director of Behavioral Health was on site within 24 hours of the district’s call to begin consultation. The process revealed a need for more targeted assessments to determine a systematic approach to interventions.

The team completed a formal functional behavior assessment, developed a behavior intervention plan (BIP), and immediately started implementing it.

The Right Behavior Support Staffing Makes the Difference

The district hired a highly trained Registered Behavior TechnicianTM (RBT®) to meet this student’s needs, one with a comprehensive background in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

This critical decision provided the data a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) and the team needed to assess individual reinforcement strategies’ success, fine-tune the BIP, and ensure it was being implemented with fidelity.

The RBT’s daily, on-site presence created opportunities to model appropriate implementation of interventions for classroom staff. Fidelity to the plan no longer presented a treatment barrier.

PTS’ behavior team successfully reduced the student’s school refusal behavior by 94% within the first month of treatment. The student now participates fully in all general and special education curricula in his home district, and our BCBA continues to monitor for maintenance.

Let PTS’ Behavioral Health Services Maximize Your Therapy Dollars

Keeping this student in his own district lets him interact and socialize with his friends and peers, since he isn’t spending his school days elsewhere, let alone spending extra time traveling to and from an outplacement.

And this solution keeps his district’s special education program from having to find the funds to educate him somewhere else!

PTS can’t promise our behavioral health services experts can head off all possible out-of-district placements. But we can promise we’ll bring the same proven, data-driven approach we brought to this district’s program to yours. We’ll find immediate opportunities for you to control expenses without sacrificing the quality of your related services.

As a result, you’ll be able to make your valuable therapy dollars go farther—maximizing the good you do for your students while keeping your costs well under control.

To get started, call us at 610-941-7020, or contact us online today.

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