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PTS’ Fellowship Program Facilitates Professional Progress

Your Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) marks the culmination of the diligent study and hard work you’ve invested in reaching your goal. Make your CFY the substantive and ultimately enriching year you deserve by choosing to complete it with PTS.

Because of the extensive supervision we provide them, Clinical Fellows are considered PTS employees for the duration of their CFY. When you join us, you’ll get (in addition to a Clinical Director and all the other benefits of working with the PTS team):

  • CF “Boot Camp”
    A thorough orientation to school-based therapy so you know what you must to start your CFY strongly and smoothly.
  • CF Resource Binder
    Documents, assessments, templates, and tools to help you organize yourself, learn more about your discipline, and deliver high quality service to students.
  • CF Program Coordinator
    Ongoing connections, networking, and check-ins, making sure your Clinical Fellowship Year is exactly the experience you need it to be.

During the last 25 years, we’ve learned a lot about putting the CFs we work with in perfect placements. Our Clinical Directors go to great lengths to place CFs (and, for that matter, all our clinicians) where they’ll get the guidance and encouragement they need to start shaping their professional identities. Read some direct quotes from our recent CF’s:

“I really liked how supported I felt by all of the therapists at PTS. During COVID year, they were super transparent about different ASHA or CF specific stuff which I liked because it kept us in the loop. The clinical coordinators and directors were always trying to make things work and be flexible to our level of comfort or schedules.”

“My mentor was always available when I needed her. Also, she took the initiative to make sure we were meeting all requirements and hours, which took that off my plate. I appreciated it so much.”

“My mentor was available to fully support me when needed yet allowed me the space and freedom to make clinical decisions and run my sessions with my own clinical style. PTS staff were friendly, encouraging, and supportive.”

After many years as a student in an intense field, you want to begin working under clear guidelines and receive excellent supervision, observation, and feedback. Our CFs compete their fellowship as confident, independent clinical service providers. They enter our fields, ready to spring into their career.

Become one of PTS’ 2022-2023 CF Recruits Get the experience you deserve!

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