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Artic Blast Review

For the past two weeks I have been fortunate to trial the Artic Blast game with many of my students and teachers.

The reviews are in and here is what the critics had to say:

My first impression of the game was “Wow, this is impressive and the packaging is extremely eye catching!” Upon opening the game, it was neatly organized with picture cards, a game board, game pieces, and instructions.  I was excited to try it out with my articulation group of kindergarten students.

I loved that there was a variety of target sounds included for the picture cards.  In addition, the photos were clear and easily identifiable for the students.  The placement cues at the bottom of the cards were clear and easy to follow for all professionals,  with or without a speech and language background.

When the students spied the game, they all asked to play and excitedly expressed how “cool the snow monster” looked on the cover of the box.  The group of three boys were engaged throughout the entire game and thought they were playing instead of working.  The target words were identified with minimal clinician cues.  Another great feature for this group of non-readers was that they quickly figured out that the number of pictures on the card equaled the number of spaces they were able to move on the game board.  There was added excitement when a player drew a Yeti spotting card, Avalanche card, or a Double Mountain Peaks card.  Other fun features included short cuts on the game board and adorable graphics with a Yeti theme.

My fellow teachers also gave it a go and they provided positive feedback indicating that the placement cues were helpful and that they could carry these cues over into reading and spelling instruction.  They also enjoyed the theme and professional quality of the game.  The only criticisms were that some of the teachers would like to see bonus cards that allowed the students to advance spaces and to have more cards for each target sound.

My own two children took a quick interest in the game when it arrived at our house; wanting to know if they could keep it! Overall, Artic Blast is a high quality, educational game that has several applications in the educational setting.  I give this product two Yeti thumbs up!





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