Back to school, back to stress

As we return to school, everyone starts feeling the stress. Students, parents, teachers, and therapists, all experience the seemingly abrupt transition from summer fun to the classroom. But there are ways to manage the stress and ease the back to school pains!

Incorporating a Morning Routine

Morning Routines tip sheet thumbnail

-Getting everyone up, ready, and out the door is one of the busiest times of day. AOTA has a free printable tip sheet available on their website with some suggestions for creating a morning routine that works.

– For a quick but healthy way start everyone’s day off right – offers a list of 15 on-the-go breakfasts.

– Autism Live offers a short video describing the impact and benefit of morning routines.

– From the Frank Porter Graham Institute at the University of North Carolina, this 2006 study offers some support for the use of music to support a morning routine with children with autism.

Managing Stress

Although we may frequently teach stress management techniques to our students, do we use them ourselves? Mindfulness has an ever-growing base of evidence to support its benefits. This article from the Huffington Post discusses 20 potential benefits of using this form of meditation. And a recently published study in the journal Mind, Brain and Education found that teachers who were trained in mindfulness experienced lower levels of stress and burnout, and increased in organization and self-compassion.  For more information on mindfulness, check out this website!

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