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Behavioral Health Success Story: Keeping Students in the Least-Restrictive Environment at a Delaware County School District

As a behavioral health professional, you know how to identify the root cause of behavioral concerns and how to implement quick, effective interventions that empower students to succeed. Schools and students all across the country require your expertise now more than ever.

When you join the Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) team, we provide you with individualized school placement to ensure long-term success for districts, therapists, and students. We also offer easily accessible career-based resources, ongoing training, and advancement opportunities.

Discover more about how you can provide life-changing care and support to the students who need it most with this success story from a partnering school district.

PTS Acts as an Extension of Our Partnering School Districts’ Special Education Departments

Behavioral Health Success StorySchool administrators at a district in a Philadelphia suburb needed help addressing escalating behavioral health concerns for a particular student who was refusing to attend school. At this point, the school turned to outside help to connect the student with the services and support he needed.

Prior to partnering with PTS, they experienced high turnover with multiple behavioral support personnel. The lack of consistency made the situation worse, and the student’s behavior declined more rapidly. School administrators also had budget constraints to contend with and considered removing the student from the district—not ideal for the student or the district.

PTS Stepped in & Assigned a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) to the Case

Once they connected with PTS, our Director of Behavioral Health arrived on site within 24 hours and a full consultation began. The subsequent assessment showed that the student needed a function-based intervention. One of PTS’s Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) with a background in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) stepped in to provide direct care to the student.

School Refusal Behavior Dropped by 94% Within One Month

Behavioral Health Success StoryThanks to PTS’s swift intervention and the hard work of the dedicated Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), the student received the high-quality care he needed. As a result, his school refusal behavior declined by 94% within the first month of treatment. Today, he continues to participate in all general and special education curricula within his original district, and PTS’s BCBA remains available for monitoring and maintenance.

Not only did this intervention serve the student in the best possible way, but it also helped the district save money—important for tight special education and related services budgets. Ultimately, PTS’s intervention and individualized support completely changed the student’s behavior and trajectory both in the moment and for years to come.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Students—Advance Your Behavioral Health Career With PTS

As this case study—and countless others—demonstrates, behavioral health team members serve a crucial role in the lives of the students they serve. When you work with PTS, you become part of a passionate team that takes a holistic, Whole-Child Approach and won’t give up.

Check out our current Behavioral Health job openings and get the support you need to do work that matters with PTS today!

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