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“Green” therapy ideas for recess!

Recess has been a frequent topic of late in the literature, and nearly everyone can agree that recess is important to child development and school participation. Recess can be an excellent time for children to practice the skills they have been learning in therapy. Physical activity, problem solving, social interaction, sensory input, the possibilities are endless!

Here are some fun ideas to encourage students to use what they have learned in OT, PT, and Speech, or to re-energize an end of year therapy session. As an added bonus, all of these activities have a “green” component!

Bubble snakes – This is a great way to reuse those water bottles (and old socks!) and provide students with oral motor input!

Snake bubbles!

Fizzy sidewalk chalk – Made of safe ingredients you may already own, students can draw a hopscotch pattern, obstacle course, road to travel, or letter and shapes. A great way to practice gross and fine motor skills outside in a social way, this activity is even more fun when the squirt bottle is added to create the fizz!

I Spy – Update this game with an old pair or sunglasses, or reuse the disposable 3d glasses from the movie theater. Take the lenses out, and whoever is wearing them needs to follow the clues provided by his peers to find the secret item!

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  1. These are such fun recess and group activities now that the weather is warming up! Love the bubble snakes idea. 🙂

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