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Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! Holidays are excellent for adding a little fun to any therapy session. Here are some resources for ideas and materials for incorporating a little “green” into your therapy week!

Speech and Language Therapy
A speech therapist at the blog, Speech Room News, has collected a number of free, Earth Day activities here. She provides a short description and photo of each. Several of these activities address fine and visual motor skills as well.
Another free Earth Day activity packet can be found through Crazy Speech Therapy’s Teachers Pay Teachers store. (Blog, store
Barnes & Noble has compiled a list of Earth Day books for children – link.

Occupational Therapy
Ripping paper, including junk mail – A great activity for hand strengthening and a heavy work break. Sorting times for recycling – Can address many areas of performance, including vocational skills and following directions
Folding donated clothing – Self care, sequencing, and so much more!
Also, check out some of the Earth Day worksheet ideas an SLP has listed here, there are a few craft and handwriting activities on her list!

Physical Therapy
Reusing materials is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! These two bloggers (links here and here) repurposed cans and cardboard boxes to create a large version of the popular game Angry Birds.
Also, many schools have, or are building gardens, on their campuses. Gardening is a great opportunity to address many areas of physical performance, and can support students working on navigating terrain safely, building activity tolerance, and strengthening core muscles.

What are your favorite Earth Day activities? Do you have a favorite book, craft, or game that is appropriate to the holiday? Can you think of a “tried and true” therapy activity that could be made a little greener?

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  1. Great ideas! Love the life size angry birds game!

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