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Increasing Our Impact: Related Services Breaking Out of the Therapy Room!

As we all know, engineering change in our students in the confines of 30 minutes a week can be an uphill battle! How can we share our knowledge and achieve better incomes for all students in our schools?

Collaborative consultation is one way to work with other staff to both provide information and learn more in a meeting of equals. Pros include: specific, individualized contact to an individual child or classroom. Barriers are limits on time and availability, especially with therapists who may travel among schools. Working around these barriers may require therapists to “break out of the therapy room” and devise creative strategies to achieve a greater presence in the school setting.

The November issue of the “Related Services Review,” a Teachers Pay Teachers download from the Organizing OT is available for free. This monthly newsletter, sent to teachers and staff, is an example of one way to reach staff and share therapist knowledge in a deadline free, non confrontational way.

Setting up a table in the faculty lounge can be a way to engage staff members too! Displaying variety of therapy toys or fidget tools, games or materials to support language development, or engaging adults in activities such as quizzes or self-reflection on sensory learning styles can all be ways to share our expertise and engage staff in discussions about student development.

Get physical! Organize a walk or adult-sized obstacle course to start a conversation about incorporating movement into the classroom routine.

Talk to teachers about incorporating an one-time speech, occupational therapy, or physical therapy center to facilitate screening processes. What a great way to see how the students perform in the classroom.

Please share with us! How have you increased your impact in the school setting?



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  1. One therapist I know did a basket raffle. She had a bunch of inexpensive fidget toys and OT related classroom items in the basket for a teacher to win. To get an entry into the raffle you had to answer OT questions correctly. Each correct answer got the teacher a ticket to enter into the raffle. It was a hit!

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