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Eight Great Printable Classroom-Based OT Activity Lists

Need Fun, Engaging OT Activities for Your Students? Count on PTS

Are you a school-based occupational therapist looking for classroom activities to support and strengthen your young clients’ skills?

Female occupational therapist cuts craft paper with two male and two female children in a colorful, art-filled classroom.When you don’t have a lot of resources or a lot of time to browse the internet for ideas, the search can prove difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase for occupational therapy activities when you work with us at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), Inc

As a leading provider of education-based therapy staffing solutions in the tri-state area for 20 years, we know what occupational therapists need to succeed today. We make sure our pediatric OTs get on-site supervising and mentoring, ample opportunities for professional development and networking, and plenty of practical, proven resources.

These eight awesome printable sheets, full of fun, classroom-friendly occupational therapy activities, are just a small sample of all we offer our therapists. With these activities in your toolkit, you’ll feel empowered to make a positive difference in your students’ lives.

Get ready to lead the way! 

Support for OTs: Occupational Therapy Activities for the Classroom

As a school-based OT, you’ve got to make the most of every moment you have with your students. Planning ahead for each day’s activities is crucial.

But you don’t have to prep alone!

Below, check out PTS’ lists of printable lists of activities for developing students’ fine motor skills, handwriting skills, and sensory processing/self-regulation skills.

Female occupational therapist supervises two male and two female elementary students seated at desks practicing handwriting.Fine Motor

  1. Activities for Fine Motor Development
  2. Trouble with Hand Strength
  3. Fine Motor Activities


  1. Handwriting Strategies

Sensory Processing/ Self-Regulation

  1. Motor Breaks for Wiggle Worms
  2. Heavy Work Activities for Small Spaces
  3. Alerting Sensory Strategies for the Classroom
  4. Calming Strategies for the Classroom

In your specific position, you may need to support a variety of academic and non-academic outcomes—math, social skills, behavior management, and more. See which OT activities for kids you’re able to add to your routine. You can always incorporate variations of activities!

Extra Advice from AOTA

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has developed numerous informative and valuable fact sheets to guide OT practitioners in the school-based setting:

  • Successful Participation: Strategies for All Students
    This PDF provides general tips for occupational therapists, including overarching objectives and the particular expertise you can use in certain situations. Should you want to read and find out more, a long list of references follows the chart.
  • Successful Participation: Strategies for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Children on the autism spectrum present varying needs and degrees of strength. This PDF gives you common scenarios and strategies to implement in a school-based setting. These tips can also make collaborating with educators easier, so consider reviewing this printable with a teacher at your next meeting!

More PTS Supports for New School-Based Therapists 

Just starting out in a school-based environment and have more questions? PTS’ School-Based Academy is for you.

Created to show you the ins and outs of school-based practice, the School-Based Academy shows you what you need to know about such important topics as:

  • Crafting IEP frameworks that truly set students up to succeed.
  • Writing measurable and achievable IEP goals that make sense.
  • Optimizing your schedule so you can manage your caseload effectively.
  • Building positive, mutually beneficial relationships with school professionals.
  • Using PTS’ small-group model to multiply the benefits of your interventions.

From occupational therapy activities to the School-Based Academy and a lot more in between, PTS does much more than help therapists like you find your next job.

We give you the tools to build a fulfilling career—one that helps you do more good for more students while you achieve your professional and your personal goals.

Let us tell you more! Give our office in Conshohocken, PA, a call at 610-941-7020, or contact us online today!

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