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Independent but Never Isolated: Become an IC with PTS

Turn to PTS for Professional Development Opportunities

I became an independent contractor about five years ago. Before then, I worked full-time in a skilled nursing facility for five years. I felt very supported working in a large rehab department with therapists from various backgrounds and specializations. However, because of my persistent desire to work in a pediatric setting, I eventually felt ready for a career change. I knew pursuing professional development for therapists in school settings would be a key component to my success. That is why I chose PTS for assistance in this part of my career journey.

During my initial year of transitioning to a school-based therapist with PTS, I found I never had to fend for myself in my new setting. My Clinical Director (program supervisor) always made time to meet with me to discuss the caseload, scheduling, and assessments. I also had the help of an experienced occupational therapist from PTS, who mentored me during this time. She provided guidance on writing evaluation reports, goals, progress notes, working with IEP team members, and managing caseloads. I always had an abundance of professional development opportunities available to me, and other school-based therapists would benefit from them as well.

The School Based Academy: A Professional Development Guide for Therapists

True to the PTS brand, the Directors continue to improve on their new therapist introduction and development. Last year, they created the “School Based Academy,” an ongoing program that provides new therapists with all of the tools they need to get started in a school setting. Everything you need to know is covered, from the daunting task of scheduling, to how to write and monitor IEP goals. In these workshops, therapists learn how to effectively plan and manage groups in order to provide skilled and cost-effective therapy services to our school districts.

The School Based Academy is an inexpensive and worthy investment for therapists as they begin a new career chapter. The routine school-based requirements are covered as well as topics unique to the PTS brand and model.

Other Professional Development Opportunities for ICs

School-based therapists require a host of resources to do their jobs efficiently. The new therapists that join our team as independent contractors can also benefit from: Professional-Development-For-Therapists

  • Onsite and offsite clinical support
  • Networking opportunities
  • MTSS/RtII supports
  • Lending Library access
  • Online caseload support

As an independent contractor, I have autonomy over my time and the amount of work I provide as an IEP team member. My schedule is very flexible, allotting me time to work in a rehab facility on the side and keep my skills in this medical setting fresh.

So, what’s holding you back from at least exploring the options available to you at PTS? Generate a list of questions for your future Clinical Director regarding a school-based career, along with a list of the pros and cons of making a career transition. Let the experts at PTS pique your curiosity with our available opportunities and quell any fears you have. Remember: you are never alone when you work with us.

Choose PTS if you are searching for professional development for therapists in school settings. Our new therapists collaborate with experienced therapists and receive ongoing support. You will feel a greater sense of independence (not isolation!) with each passing school year!

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