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The Almighty Dollar Challenge!

Hey! It’s the last day in January and it feels ‘Oh so Good’!

I have officially started my “Dollar Challenge” contest for my Articulation students. What is the Dollar Challenge you ask? It’s only the best thing that’s ever happened to articulation therapy! My shout out goe to Jenna Rayburn from Teacher Pay Teacher who created this fantastic product.

This is the way we use it: Each page has one hundred pennies. If you are Kindergarten to 1st grade, you have 10 dimes on one page. One penny for every target sound. The students have a “top ten list” which I made and post to my back wall. You can make the top ten list by doing as many dollar challenges in a session as possible (the standing record is 51. Which is 5100 words). If you make my top ten list by the end of the year (they have about 20 weeks to complete this challenge) then you receive a prize of 10 dollars or less of off Amazon. The students hand pick the prizes and we put them on the wishlist so they know what they are working for.

This is a HUGE motivator and helps me to gauge and take data so easily. I am very picky and monitor each student for correct form and clarity. If you “try to read in your head” and don’t say the sounds, you lose two dollar challenges for every one you didn’t complete correctly (I know, I’m a meanie but this is supposed to be a challenge!) Now, I do have some students who absolutely do not want to put the work in or simply don’t care about the challenge. Those students are REQUIRED to do at least two dollar challenges and then they may do alternate work (usually it takes them all session to do to because they don’t want to do it-ha!).

I love this challenge because it produces so many repetitions of a target sound but it also teaches my students about persistence and patience. It’s such a good feeling to see them come in and race to the table to get their word books and challenge papers. All sessions you hear, “How many do you have? Or I’m on 6!” and this makes a speech therapist’s heart very happy! I am also saying, “Keep your tongue down! Smile when you say those!”

Student Testimonials:

“It’s a fun way to learn and you get free stuff”

“It’s a good way to say |r| words!”

“It’s better than just “reading those books’!”

Here’s the link to Jenna’s Dollar Challenge. It’s worth every penny.

Aren’t I so punny?

Samantha Kessler, M.S., CCC-SLP

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