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The best $1.99 I could have spent!

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When I started working in schools I quickly decided that I needed (and really wanted) and iPad.

The amount of apps that students can use to increase their success within the classroom is amazing. Whether it’s a typing app with word prediction, or using the camera to take a picture of the homework assignments so they don’t have to struggle to write in their assignment book, or a free app called SnapType that allows students to take a picture of notes and then type to fill in the blank alongside their peers – technology can be amazing! (Please note there are hundreds – thousands of apps and these are just a few I use on my personal iPad frequently with my student!) And we all know that kids LOVE iPads and technology!

Every once in a while I love to search the app store for free apps that will benefit the students I work with. Sometimes you need to find something to use as a reward, sometimes you are struggling to engage the student and build rapport, and sometimes you just have a huge brain fart and can’t think of anything to do. Enter – iPad!

However, I very very very rarely let students play games that will not benefit the skills that we are targeting in OT!

I was lucky enough a few years ago to stumble across “Tap the Frog!” And when I was previewing the levels I decided to splurge and spend the $1.99 and give it a go!


This is a game with 18 levels for single players and 2 levels for 2 players. Each level is 20 seconds long with the opportunity to get clocks for bonus time. And each level is different and engaging!

There are levels that work on fine motor precision! Levels to work on bilateral coordination! Visual discrimination! Visual attention! Visual motor skills! Levels to work on problem solving, motor planning, problem solving, working memory and more! You can’t tell me as an OT in school that those are not your major target areas! And HELLO – It’s a GAME!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

This is seriously one of my go-to games and I can honestly tell you there is a not a student that doesn’t love it! This app is available for Windows, Android, and Apple so please check for more information!

But that’s not my only game of choice – here’s my top 10 iPad apps for my K-4 OT caseload (in no particular order!) Each game on this list besides Tap the Frog is free!

  1. Tap the Frog
  2. Flow Free
  3. Pinch Peeps
  4. Ozil?
  5. Cross Fingers
  6. Memory Block
  7. Dot Line Lite
  8. Montezuma
  9. Memory
  10. Simple Mazes

What iPad apps do you use with the students you work with?

Colleen Good MS, OTR/L

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