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Hear From Casey Murray: School-Based Speech Language Pathologist With PTS

If you’re looking for your next position or considering a career as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), look at our current independent contractor openings. To learn more before diving in, find out how SLP Casey Murray jump-started her journey by engaging with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS).

How Casey Found the Right Fit as a School-Based SLP

Prior to engaging with PTS, Casey experienced a different contracting company and struggled with their disorganization and lack of transparency. Then, in January 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to make a switch and work alongside PTS. Casey described her onboarding process as streamlined from beginning to end, which was very different from what she’d experienced with other companies in the past. PTS provided her with access to the support she needed to launch her career. Plus, she had the option to commit to either a part- or full-time independent contractor role to suit her unique lifestyle and scheduling needs.

Casey’s advice: Take your time to find the right fit

SLPs remain in demand, which gives therapists the freedom to pick and choose the offer that best suits their needs. Casey recommends taking the time to research potential employers and staffing companies before applying to a position or accepting an offer. She suggests asking questions about what kind of supports are available to therapists to find the right fit.

PTS Streamlines the Onboarding Process & Gives Therapists Access to the Support They Need

Starting out as a school-based SLP career at the start of a pandemic presented Casey with multiple challenges. The interactive nature of speech therapy required her to find alternative ways to teach and coach parents, so they could implement sessions at home during school closures. By engaging with PTS, she was able to figure out what was legally possible through her state when providing virtual services. This enabled her to provide the best possible support to each student on her caseload throughout the duration of the pandemic.
SLP Therapy

Casey Provides SLP Therapy & Supports Students With Autism Using ACC Devices

As a school-based SLP who engages with PTS, Casey collaborates with all the therapists at her school to support each student in a holistic way. Along with that, she:

  • Completes therapy evaluations
  • Does case management for speech or language impairment
  • Conducts language and articulation fluency therapy sessions              

So far, her most rewarding experience has been working with Autistic children using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices that facilitate communication and enhance learning.

PTS helped Casey access training on AAC devices

Before Casey could use the AAC Devices in her therapy sessions, however, she needed to complete an additional certification. Her school’s Clinical Director gave her access to the support and guidance she needed to complete the necessary education credits.

By engaging with PTS, Casey was able to pursue her passion. Today, she says the most inspirational part of her career has been seeing the progress of the children and the staff that work with these devices.

Engage With PTS Alongside Other Passionate SLPs Like Casey

At PTS, the school-based therapists we engage with are learners committed to empowering students throughout their educational journeys and beyond. If you want an individualized school placement and ongoing access to support as an SLP, we want to hear from you.

Contact PTS to learn more about open independent contracting opportunities today!

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