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Help More Students Without Adding to Therapy Caseloads

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we work with school districts world-wide to create systems that improve student services while containing costs. We do this by offering solutions that keep students off caseloads who don’t need to be there—and get those who need more intensive services the right support.

This is especially important with the growing student needs resulting from school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how partnering with PTS can help you support the increasingly complex needs of your students without adding to your related services caseloads.

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Success Story: Montgomery County School District Helped More Students While Reducing Therapy Caseloads  

Help More Students Without Adding to Therapy Caseloads School administrators in a Montgomery County School District faced seemingly conflicting priorities of:

  • Adhering to budget constraints
  • Supporting complex student therapeutic needs

By implementing PTS’s integrated “Whole Child” approach, they improved supports for all students. Within one year of partnering with PTS, the district stabilized its budget by reducing the number of students on therapy caseloads.

How did we do it? We created a targeted, tailored suite of pre-referral interventions around handwriting and sensory processing that could be implemented at the classroom level instead of in pull-out therapy sessions.

After partnering with PTS, the district’s average cost per student with direct Occupational Therapy (OT) services was $538 less than the district’s previous provider.

With just 134 students on the OT caseload, this Montgomery County School District saved $72,092. This amounted to a 25% reduction in related services costs, all while supporting more students in the least restrictive environment.

The Long-Term Effects on the School District’s Therapy Program

By helping students with targeted classroom-wide interventions, PTS decreased related services referrals for this Montgomery County School District. Moving forward, we continue providing free trainings for teachers and paraprofessionals on how to implement classroom-wide interventions and how to identify a good referral. Today, the district’s costs are under control, and more students have access to the supports they need.

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Control Therapy Caseloads by Adopting an MTSS Approach

Help More Students Without Adding to Therapy Caseloads ResourcesAs we saw with the Montgomery County School District, adopting a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach to related services is the key to helping more students without adding to therapy caseloads.

Keeping the students who don’t truly need to be there off caseloads—and offering easy-to-implement Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports at the classroom level—creates a more inclusive classroom environment, while also controlling therapy costs over time. That means this approach offers what’s best for your students, your school and therapy staff, and your budget.

Data Tracking Keeps Your Program Efficient

Our patent pending BudgetWatch™ technology provides the necessary insights to identify where therapeutic supports are needed most. Once you know the root causes of growing caseloads, you can address and mitigate them using Tier 1 and Tier 2 in-classroom supports.

Our Clinical Directors analyze the BudgetWatch™ data, including therapist caseloads, program efficiency and effectiveness, disability referrals, and therapy program costs. Then, they provide our partnering districts with Program Summary Reports. These reports help schools:

  • Control costs
  • Make budget forecasts
  • Compare annual trends
  • Course-correct in real time
  • Identify areas for additional teacher trainings

This information can guide your decisions, making your therapy program more efficient so that you can offer therapeutic supports to a greater number of students without adding to caseloads.

Partner with PTS to Serve More Students for Less

With our over two decades of experience, PTS has the tools to help your district support more students and contain costs. As a PTS partner, you can expect a customized therapy team, insights from BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports, day-to-day program management from our Clinical Directors, free teacher trainings, and more.

By implementing our classroom-wide interventions, you can help more students, while keeping therapy caseloads manageable. Contact PTS to learn more today! 

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