Conference: Developmental/Play Therapy for Children with ASD and SPD

We wanted to share this great opportunity with you!

The Virginia Association for Play Therapy is hosting a two day workshop June 14th and 15th at James Madison University. Esther B. Hess, Ph.D., RPT-S will be presenting a theoretical framework and her methods of assessing and treating children using techniques based on Greenspan’s DIR Floortime model. 

What is DIR Floortime?

DIR stands for Developmental, Individual differences, and Relationship-based.  These are tenets and the framework which Floortime is based on. This frame of reference, created by Stanley Greenspan, is based on six milestones, biological differences between children, and the relationships between the care-givers, teachers, and therapists working with the child. Floortime is the technique and interventions that are based on this theory. Characteristics of Floortime include: play based, at a just-right level of challenge for the client, and engaging the child while at the same time respecting his interests and following his lead while participating in meaningful occupational.

For more information, see the following websites:

Evidence for this intervention

The National Institute for Mental Health provides a brief description of Floortime and its role as part of a early intervention program for children with ASD. This website also includes several broad characteristics that should be incorporated into every EI program for children with ASD.

Research is a UK-based charity with a mission to research and provide information regarding interventions to treat and remediate the deficits caused by autism. Per their website, there is currently mixed or insufficient evidence to support this intervention. They also provide a list of current research on the Floortime model.

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