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How Pediatric Therapeutic Services’ Dashboards & Reports Save Special Education Administrators Time and Money

Careful and accurate data tracking allows you to stay fiscally transparent and compliant, all while managing caseloads, optimizing your budget, and maximizing related services supports for students. Pediatric Therapeutic Services makes it easy to do just that with BudgetWatch™—our proprietary on-line data collection and analytics platform.

Let us do the work for you. Our therapists will take care of entering the correct data. Then, PTS’s Clinical Directors will take care of analyzing the reports and providing actionable insights to help you save time and money in your special education program—without sacrificing the high quality of supports you provide to your students.

Keep reading to find out why BudgetWatch™ won a bronze Edison Award for Technology in 2015 for bringing an innovative technology solution to the public sector in districts just like yours.

BudgetWatch™ Helped PTS Save our Suburban Philadelphia Clients over $1 Million Collectively

How Pediatric Therapeutic Services’ Dashboards & Reports Save Special Education Administrators Time and MoneyPTS has a consistent track record of reducing related services costs while delivering top-quality programming.

Thanks to detailed data reporting and our data-driven, actionable insights, we saved our suburban Philadelphia clients over $1,894,454, collectively, by billing 15% to 20% fewer hours than our competitors to cover the same caseload size.

We did this by using precision reporting from our proprietary BudgetWatch™ software to accurately assign each dollar spent to the specific child who benefits from services. This allowed our partnering districts to make the most of their special education budget and other resources.

In the end, we were able to use reporting from BudgetWatch™ to help Philadelphia area school districts save time and money by:

  • Discharging 2,093 students from district caseloads over one school year (total annual savings from caseload reduction was $2,777,411).
  • Facilitating formal and informal MTSS-RtII for thousands of students with six weeks of “trial strategies” prior to proceeding in the referral process.
  • Eliminating 1,329 evaluations (58% of all referrals) using a thorough screening process, saving $305,268 in diagnostic costs.
  • Seeing students in groups an average of 64% of the time across our public-school clients.

So how did we do it? Take a look at the below infographic about how PTS outperforms wasteful, traditional models:

Easy Reporting for the Board and Other Stakeholders

PTS’s technology platform enables our company to provide quick and accurate metrics to school boards and the taxpaying community about the services we provide and the return on their investment, which saves administrators time on their annual or quarterly reporting.

PTS typically offers school administrators a formal presentation of our BudgetWatch™ Program Summary reports twice per year, but capabilities are both robust and nimble enough to be delivered upon request. We’re here to help.

When you need them, your PTS Clinical Director can run real-time reports detailing crucial information about your program. You can learn more about those reports below.

The Building Report Card

The Building Report Card is a school-level analysis that has transformed our ability to collaborate with administration on where resources and support need to be allocated to have the greatest impact.

This data can be used to inform teachers, administrators, school directors, and the public about the return on the investment that’s been made in a global context. This yields an instant snapshot of cost, caseload, referral, and billable hours by category data for each program building on one page.

Accurate and Informative Invoices

How Pediatric Therapeutic Services’ Dashboards & Reports Save Special Education Administrators Time and MoneyPTS’s monthly invoices provide you with far more than just a summary of direct and indirect billing totals. The invoice detail pages show the total amount of billing by:

  • Category
  • Therapist
  • Day

This lens into performance shines a light on which team members are doing the most sessions in groups or covering the most diagnostics.  

A Cost Per Child report, delivered electronically each month with our invoice, provides child accounting data for every student, subtotaled for each.

Cost Per Child Report

PTS’s BudgetWatch™ system provides education programs with a permanent attendance record for each student via our Cost Per Child Report.

In addition to attendance data (including reasons for any missed sessions and the determined need for a compensatory session), the Cost Per Child Report captures all the associated costs for serving an individual student. These costs are broken down by category:

  • Diagnostics
  • Consult
  • Direct
  • Indirect time

Save Time and Money with Innovative Technologies from PTS

A busy team, full caseloads, and increasing special education costs can feel like an insurmountable challenge. PTS has the solution in our innovative and intuitive BudgetWatch™ analytics software.

Contact PTS today to find out how our dashboard and reports can save you time and money while also optimizing your related services program in the long run.

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