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Put Your Students First with Our No-Cost Resources

How can we do more for a greater population of students for less?

That’s the “Children First” philosophy that drives us in making pre-referral resources and services freely available to teachers and families around the globe. At Pediatric Therapeutic Services, we know that it’s not enough to simply supply your district with highly qualified and well-trained therapists. We also take the extra steps to:

  • Help you cultivate a team of teachers, administrators, and therapists within your district who are equally invested in student outcomes and trained to make them happen.
  • Provide you with no-cost resources to create an inclusive classroom environment without increasing costs or therapy referrals.

And we offer all this at no added cost to you. Contact PTS today to find out how our many resources benefit schools like yours across the globe, and how they can help your district put your students first.

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Real-World Global Success

Put Your Students First with Our No-Cost ResourcesWe’ve seen first-hand that providing teachers with the value-added resources they need to think like a therapist can work, even on a global scale.

In 2008, the Beautiful Gates Special School (BGSS) in Mysore, India, had 20 students who were multi-disabled or had autism. This was a school where there were no therapists. As you would expect, student needs were overwhelming.

So, PTS made plans to visit the school and consult with the staff and families. We had just ten school days to impart enough therapy ideas, strategies, and objectives to last for a year. It didn’t take long before we realized that the only way to make a real impact was to look for ways to provide “therapy without a therapist.”

To meet this challenge, we developed training programs and supports for teachers and addressed the fiscal concerns of our clients—all while helping the growing number of children that we were committed to serving.

The Results:

It became clear how much implementing simple therapeutic practices at the classroom level can benefit all students. 

At BGSS, many of the students with delays had such weak hands that they couldn’t adequately hold a pencil to write. By incorporating hand-strengthening activities into the academic content (like counting beads as they added them to a string, for example) students’ hand muscles and control began to develop.

Other students went from being non-verbal to speaking or from crawling to walking, just from the teachers implementing what we recommended.

After seeing this success in Mysore, India, we developed proprietary tools and resources that we could equip all our partnering districts with to help them respond to student needs in the least restrictive environment.  

Pre-Referral Intervention Resources that Put Student Needs First

Put Your Students First with Our No-Cost ResourcesThe benefit of having a team of highly qualified clinicians all collaborating to help a student is undeniable. However, as you’ve seen, real progress comes when teachers, aides, and parents start implementing some therapy activities into the student’s daily routine.

That’s why we offer pre-referral resources that allow your teachers to introduce more students to therapeutic strategies while also providing added supports as a part of the classroom routine—for those students who need them.

In truth, the majority of things therapists actually do to help a student can be easily taught and replicated by other caregivers and educators. Building that bridge between theory and practice enables us to help thousands more students here in the US, and also share with schools around the world.

At PTS, we build that bridge by offering our partnering schools no-cost, value-added resources, like:

A web-based portal that teachers and therapy teams can access

We provide a web-based portal that contains hundreds of instructional strategies in OT, PT, SLP, behavioral health, and all other related service domains. This portal also provides clear instructions for strategies for teachers to implement in the classroom.

Trial sensory equipment kits

Our trial sensory equipment kits include several tools that occupational therapists recommend for children who may have difficulty maintaining focus or staying seated during classroom lessons. 

In-service trainings at no cost to your district

Our no-cost, in-service trainings are developed and delivered by our Clinical Directors, Lead Therapists, and Clinical Specialists. They’re specially designed based on the unique needs of your student population and provide your teachers with concrete tools that they can use to implement supports at the classroom level without unnecessary referrals to related services.

Find Out How Value-Added Resources from PTS Can Help You Support More Students

As we learned from BGSS, training teachers on how best to work with disabilities doesn’t just grow their capability as educators, it sets the stage for inclusion. Contact PTS to find out how our resources can help you support more students, at no additional cost to you. 

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