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Prepare Your Students for Success in Coming Years with Kindergarten BootKamp™

You want to give your students the best, but student needs are increasing while budgets seem to be constantly decreasing. How do you ensure that the growing number of Kindergarten students entering your district this year have the basic skills they need to succeed?

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) offers empowering solutions using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach that includes our Kindergarten BootKamp™. PTS’s Occupational Therapists (OTs) designed this program to provide students with early exposure to skills they will use throughout their school years.

Discover how Kindergarten BootKamp™ can help students learn the skills they need, without crowding your therapists’ caseloads.

Students Grow in Five Major Areas with PTS’s Kindergarten BootKamp™

Kindergarten BootKampWith Kindergarten BootKamp™, your therapists will be able to provide more supports to more students, while also keeping caseloads manageable. It’s done by introducing fun learning activities into the classroom, where more students have access to them.

PTS occupational therapists designed this 6-week, Tier 1 support program to help students develop necessary skills in five major areas:

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Grasping and dexterity
  • Core muscle strength and stability
  • Visual motor integration and visual perception

This immersive, hands-on program is introduced into the classroom by a trained OT with the help of the teacher, parent volunteer, or aide. It gives Kindergarten and first-grade students the opportunity to develop postural control, visual perceptual, manual dexterity/grasp, and visual motor skills—all without being placed on the therapy caseload.

Help More Students by Addressing Common Issues at the Classroom Level

Nearly all of our partnering districts have seen an increase in kindergarteners arriving at school without the fundamental skills for success. However, most of these students simply lack exposure and practice in visual motor and fine motor activities due to two years of disrupted education caused by the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, students have had more screen time, little to no in-person instruction for things like holding a pencil, and very limited social interaction. These crucial skill gaps can lead to over-identification of students who need special education or have other disabilities. As a result, we see an influx of new therapy referrals.

Our MTSS Model Decreased Therapy Evaluation Requests by 40-60%

Kindergarten BootKampPTS uses a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model to identify students who have genuine disabilities vs. students who simply need supplemental instruction. This ensures every student receives the right level of support when they need it.

By implementing pre-referral supports—like Kindergarten BootKamp™—instead of immediate evaluations, we ensure only the “right” students end up on therapy caseloads and limit unnecessary OT referrals. At the same time, this enables your district to help more students while containing costs.

The numbers speak for themselves. Under pre-pandemic conditions, PTS helped its partnering districts keep evaluation requests down by 40–60%. We did this by providing push-in sessions that allow all students to develop fundamental fine motor and handwriting skills in short-term, small group sessions.

Get All Your Students Up to Speed with PTS’s Kindergarten BootKamp™

By implementing an MTSS approach with interventions like Kindergarten BootKamp™, we can help your district support larger-than-ever Kindergarten classes and a higher population of students with increased skill regression. Contact PTS today to learn more about how you can prepare your students for success in the coming years with Kindergarten BootKamp™. 

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