Reduce OT Referrals in Your School with Pencil Power™

January 18, 2022Resources0 Comments

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) created Pencil Power™ as a low-cost supplemental handwriting instruction program for kindergarten through second graders. It helps to reduce excessive occupational therapy referrals within school districts while keeping handwriting instruction in the classroom–where it belongs.

Our data show that schools that routinely implement Pencil Power™ in their classrooms have effectively reduced handwriting-related OT evaluations by a minimum of two-thirds

Find out how this approach keeps handwriting instruction within regular education and reduces OT referrals, ensuring caseloads remain manageable!

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Pencil Power™ Is our Blueprint for Low-Cost Supplemental Handwriting Instruction that Puts Students First

Pencil Power™ Our Pencil Power™ program and supplemental board game allow students to practice key pre-writing and writing skills without an OT. That means students struggling with handwriting speed and legibility get the extra support they need without being placed on caseload.

This 6-week supplemental handwriting program is best used as a pre-referral intervention or as a classroom carryover for students who are on the therapy caseload. It includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that enable parent volunteers and paraprofessionals to implement activities, freeing up teachers to focus on classroom-wide priorities.

Real World Results: Pencil Power Reduces OT Referrals by Almost Half

We’ve seen how much of a benefit our Pencil Power™ program can offer teachers, students, and therapists in several real-world settings.

Pencil Power™ ResearchWhile partnering with a Delaware County School District, PTS provided a first quarter BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Report. The report revealed a sharp spike in OT handwriting referrals. Teachers reported that nearly half of their first and second grade students were struggling with letter formation.

By implementing Pencil Power™ in small groups, the district was able to keep handwriting in the realm of regular education. At the end of the 6-week supplemental handwriting program, the school saw a 42% reduction in OT referrals for handwriting.

As this case study shows, PTS’s whole child approach can quickly and accurately respond to student needs in the least restrictive environment. By implementing an efficient, effective intervention, PTS can then provide solutions that level the playing field for all students and enable school districts to contain costs, without sacrificing quality of care.

Reduce Excessive OT Referrals & Serve More Students with PTS’s Pencil Power™

Interested in promoting inclusivity, containing costs, and keeping caseloads manageable in your school district? With Pencil Power™, you can support students in the least restrictive environment, while ensuring they develop the skills they need to thrive.

Contact PTS to find out more about how implementing Pencil Power™ in your district’s classrooms can help reduce OT referrals by ensuring only the right students end up on caseload today!