Bringing Better Related Services to the Blue Hen State

PTS Expands Quality, Cost-Efficient Therapy into More Delaware Districts

Exciting new supports are coming to related services in Delaware’s school districts!

We at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) are thrilled to announce we’ve formalized our asset purchase of the management team of Therapy Services of Delaware (TSD), the First State’s primary provider of school therapy services. 

What does this purchase mean for you?

related services delawareIt means this:

If you’re a school administrator in Delaware who, like so many administrators across the country, is looking for cost-effective ways to meet the needs of and improve services for your growing special education population…

If you’re looking to partner with a related services company that knows as much about bringing innovative, low-cost supports to the students in your district who struggle… that knows as much about balancing special ed budgets as it does about balancing caseloads…

Then you don’t have to keep searching!

We’re bringing our proven, proactive approach to (as we say in our eBook, Take a Bite Out of School-Based Therapy Costs) combining “therapeutic, clinical expertise with dynamic, successful business practices” into the Blue Hen State.

And our new Regional Director, Lisa Lawrence, is spearheading the charge.

Meet Lisa Lawrence—Expert Therapist, Experienced Manager

When Lisa was young, she would go with her mother to a school for multiply disabled and language impaired children , where her mother worked as a classroom assistant. Watching her mom serve students with multiple disabilities sparked Lisa’s interest in therapy. 

After completing her undergrad education at SUNY-Fredonia and earning her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Lisa started successfully providing services to clients of all ages in diverse settings—schools, homes, hospitals, and rehab clinics, to name a few. 

related services delawareSince 1993, she’s specialized in pediatric speech therapy. “School has always been my favorite setting,” she says. “I’ve always liked children and have always had an interest in helping them.” (Us too!)

Today, Lisa’s a recognized expert in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device evaluations and treatment. She’s presented for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and has published in its professional journal, The ASHA Leader.

But Lisa’s not just an accomplished therapist. She’s also an experienced manager.

At several school-based therapy companies where she’s worked, including national companies, Lisa’s knack and love for the business side of therapy quickly landed her in managerial and area director roles, handling accounts inclusive of  individual therapist and district leadership support alike.

When Lisa joined us at PTS last November, this extensive firsthand business experience allowed her to offer valuable suggestions and strategies for enhancing and expanding what we do. 

“This was an opportunity I couldn’t resist,” she explains. “PTS is doing the most innovative work in related services I’ve seen on the national stage. Helping teachers and students in neighboring states access these capabilities is truly groundbreaking. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Deploying Robust Resources for School-Based Therapy in Delaware

With Lisa leading the way, we at PTS are making our full complement of resources and supports available to our Delaware therapy team  of 110 pediatric therapists who provide services—mostly physical therapy and occupational therapy, and expanding speech therapy and behavioral services—to 13 Delaware school districts.

Lisa is eager to bring the PTS model further into Delaware. “I love PTS,” she says. 

“Everyone works as a team, from the Managing Partners to the therapists in the schools.”

She highlights the many ways PTS supports both therapists and school administrators. PTS provides:

  • Clinical directors who mentor and advocate for clinicians and manage districts’ related services programs on-site (which frees up your time and energy so you can address your district’s pressing, “big picture” issues).
  • An extensive online resource library, where our therapists have easy access to commonly used but frequently costly assessments, evaluations, and other tools districts can’t always pay for (and, thanks to our library, won’t have to).
  • The PTS School-Based Academy, where therapists new to educational settings gain time-saving templates and learn critical time management skills, making them more efficient (good news for your budget).
  • The Capable Classroom, our therapist-designed and -tested resources for helping teachers bring therapy into the classroom, dramatically multiplying its reach and benefit for students beyond those who are officially on caseloads.
  • BudgetWatch, our proprietary, award-winning online data collection and analysis tool that gives you the information you need to stretch every therapy dollar as far as it will go.

Lisa says PTS offers “so many extras to make a day in the life of the school-based therapist more efficient and enjoyable.” When therapists have easier days, they work more effectively, saving the program time and money.

PTS Can Help Your Program Make a Bigger Impact

Providing school based therapy requires unique expertise,” says Lisa, “and if you don’t understand the priorities and legal requirements, you can make business decisions that aren’t the best for therapists or students.” She’s working hard to help districts in Delaware, and even beyond the tri-state area, make decisions that are better for everyone—therapists, district officials, and especially students.

No matter where your district is located, Lisa and the rest of our skilled staff can help you make the best related services decisions.

With capable and qualified team members, therapist-designed and field-tested tools, and cutting-edge data analysis technology, you can do more good, for more students, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ready to find out more? Then contact PTS today at 610-941-7020 or get in touch with us online.

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