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Finding Effective School-Based Therapy Staffing Solutions

When your special education and related services program is short-staffed (as many are), it may be tempting to “make do” with whoever the closest therapy staffing company can send.

After all, you want students with special needs to get their needs met—and you have a legal obligation to see they do. Why turn down therapists who’ll give some services when the unacceptable alternative is none?

Smiling school administrator in hallway, arms folded across chest, satisfied with her program’s therapy staffing solutions.

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we don’t believe districts and schools should have to “settle.” Our therapy staffing solutions are about making perfect matches between practitioners and programs—never about “making do!”

Our Five-Step Formula for Filling School Therapist Jobs the Right Way

How do we act as “matchmaker” for independent contractor clinicians and our client programs? By following a five-step, data-driven, comprehensive “formula” that consistently delivers great results:

1. Detailed assessment of your staffing needs focuses our efforts.

Don’t just hang up a “Help Wanted” sign! Make strategic, data-driven decisions.

When you are a PTS client, our clinical directors will work with you to take stock of your staffing needs. They’ll help analyze data collected in our proprietary BudgetWatch™ system so you know exactly which staff investments will yield the maximum return for students and your bottom line.

2. Straightforward, specific position listings attract the right candidates.

We post school therapist job descriptions telling candidates exactly what’s expected.

So if an occupational therapist listing specifies “three days per week,” an applicant knows your program is planning for three days of billable time—not more, not less.

Or if a posting says your program seeks a long-term physical therapist, clinicians wanting only something to “tide them over” know to keep looking.

Our job postings ensure neither you nor our candidates waste valuable time.

3. Initial screenings to pinpoint therapists’ value.

Woman in school occupational therapist job leans over young elementary school boy at desk to help him practice pencil grip.When a resume catches our recruiting coordinator’s eye, she’ll call the candidates to find out:

  • What populations, ages, and grade levels do they enjoy working with? 
  • What are their areas of expertise? 
  • What unique experiences do they bring to the school setting? 
  • What practice areas do they find most challenging? 
  • What is their interest in part-time versus permanent placements?

Because we’ve taken the time to become thoroughly familiar with your program, we’re able to implement positive therapy staffing solutions for you from the first steps of recruiting.

4. Clinical, comprehensive interviews ensure therapists are ready for the job.

If we’re still interested after the screening call, a PTS clinical director will interview the candidates via Zoom, over the phone, or in-person.

Our clinical directors have all worked as clinicians in school settings. They know the job’s rigors and rewards.

They’ll engage applicants in clinical conversations, evaluating their skills and expertise. They’ll make sure candidates are passionate, professional, and prepared to deliver the know-how your program needs. 

5. Candidates who are a perfect match for your program are hired.

When we find a candidate whose experience, interest, goals, and personality align with your needs, we hire them before they get away! 

And when we hire therapists, we make dedicated commitments to their success. We supervise and mentor them; we give them access to a large library of industry standard assessment tools and resources; and we offer ample opportunity for professional development. 

Stop “Making Do” and Start Making Perfect Staffing Matches

Does our process work? Year after year, districts and schools come to us for clinicians, confident we’ll send therapists who’ll be glad to call their programs “home.” And year after year, our clinicians stick with us, knowing we have both the clients’ and their best interests at heart.

If you’re ready to stop “making do” and start making perfect matches, call us at 610-941-7020 or contact us online. Let’s discuss therapy staffing solutions that make your program more efficient and more effective for more students.

(If you’re a therapist seeking your next opportunity, review our currently open school therapist jobs. You may find your perfect match!)

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