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How a School-Based Therapy Staffing Agency Should Support Your Career

You’ve recently completed your training to work as a school-based therapist. What’s next?

Female therapist high-fives a smiling young male elementary school student who is sitting at a table with pencil in hand.Your new professional title is an exciting milestone, but finding a job can quickly become overwhelming. You need a school-based therapy staffing organization that can help you not only transition to the workforce now but also climb the career ladder to reach your long-term goals.

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS, Inc.), we help new therapists like you not only find jobs but also have your say about where your career journey takes you. When you work as an independent contractor (IC) with us, your possibilities are endless.

So what’s an independent contractor, you ask?

It’s a way to work as a therapist that saves you money, time, and stress! Truly, what more could you ask for?

Below, our clinical directors and expert staff have compiled their knowledge to give you key information about this important role. 

Exploring the Difference Between the IC and Employee Models

When you work as an employee:

  • You are subject to federal and state employment and labor laws.
  • You earn either an hourly wage or an annual salary.
  • You’re typically expected to say “yes” to schedule changes as they arise.
  • Your employer withholds your income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from your paycheck. 

But did you realize an option other than working as an “employee” is open to you? In many ways, independent contractors operate under the opposite model.

When you work as an IC:

  • You don’t have your taxes withheld from your wages, so you receive more money upfront.
  • You may receive compensation by different measurable means—hourly pay, a single check once a project is complete, and so on—depending on the type of project and details of the job.
  • You have the freedom to say “no” to work opportunities without repercussions. 

As an independent contractor, you set your schedule. You negotiate your pay. You can create your dream position on your own terms. 

Parents: Becoming an IC can be an especially great option for you. This model gives you flexibility to prioritize activities outside of work, even on weekdays. Don’t want to miss your son’s piano recital or your daughter’s soccer game because of a late shift at school? Now, you don’t have to!

Three Ways PTS Helps School-Based Therapists Succeed

Unlike many school-based therapy staffing services, PTS makes it a priority to help clinicians like you balance your professional goals and personal obligations.

Here are three specific ways we set our school-based therapists up for success:

  1. Our Therapist Achievement Approach
    We use this strategic plan for qualifying, placing, and supporting prospective PTS therapists. Our objective? Make the best possible matches so therapists and related service professionals can confidently serve students and their school districts.
    Three female and one male school-based therapists meet around a table. One woman writes in a notebook. The man holds a tablet computer.The Therapist Achievement Approach includes five steps:

    • The Perfect Match Assessment – a brief interview with us to get to know you.
    • The Opportunity Alignment – an onsite location preview to familiarize you with the setting for your work.
    • The SmartStart Alignment – a preparatory meeting before your first day on the job in which we give you a PTS Confidence Kit. This kit includes:

      • a client’s initiatives and goals
      • accurate caseload lists
      • instructions for using our online billing system
      • the schedule of our professional development workshops
    • The Onsite Alliance Network – continual opportunities for you to receive onsite support, mentoring, and advocacy.
    • Year-to-Year Transition Support – a look at your future, where we help you secure a position for the next school year. 
  2. Our Supports
    The resources we provide our school-based clinicians empower them to excel, so these resources ultimately also benefit the students receiving services. With onsite clinical support from our directors, therapists never need to feel alone on their career journeys.New therapists may consider participating in PTS’ School-Based Academy (SBA), a program designed to show clinicians the ropes of school-based practice. Among other important goals, you’ll learn how to:

    Contact PTS today for the dates of upcoming SBA sessions. 

  3. Our Team of Experts
    PTS’ Clinical Directors aren’t headhunters. They’ve spent part of their professional careers as school-based therapists and independent contractors. Their years of firsthand experience account for the long, stable partnerships they maintain with clients. While upholding PTS’ outstanding reputation in our school districts, our Clinical Directors also meet administrators’ and clinicians’ needs alike. 

Let PTS Show You Great School-Based Therapist Jobs Near You

Ready to find out more about whether PTS is the school-based therapy staffing service you’ve been looking to partner with?

Download our eBook, Top Five Reasons to Join PTS as an Independent Contractor, for more tips on making the transition, or contact us at 610-941-7792 to get started.

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