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How to Make a Perfect School Therapy Services Match

Discover How PTS Does so Much More Than Just Fill Vacancies


As a Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) clinical director, I hear it from school district administrators all the time: “All the good ones are taken!”

They’re talking about reliable and qualified school therapy services staff.

Special education enrollment in the United States continues to grow, but program administrators often don’t feel equipped to meet these students’ significant needs. Feeling desperate, they turn to the closest physical therapy or occupational therapy staffing agency and simply “take what they can get.”

Does this scenario sound familiar?

If so, you know from hard experience how desperate hiring decisions can end up costing your district more time, money, and resources. You’re left cleaning up therapists’ messes, facing constant pushback from teachers, easing irate parents’ minds, and finally—under the constraints of a far from ideal timeline—scrambling to replace the subpar therapists you scrambled to get in the first place!

At PTS, we help you stop this brutal cycle before it starts.

We make it our number one priority to do more than simply staff vacancies. We truly hear our district clients’ needs and pair them with their perfect match.

We’re different from other therapy staffing agencies. We don’t use recruiters. Instead, the expert clinicians who make up our team of clinical directors handpick therapists based on the highest standards of competency and professionalism. Behind the scenes, they’re constantly brainstorming and revising plans and processes to ensure you get the best possible staff and service.

As a result, you can spend more of your time and energy on your district’s big stuff!

Meet the “” of School-Based Therapy Services

The PTS approach to providing therapy services combines clinical skills with top-level case management capabilities, innovative technology, and best practices honed from years in the classroom and the boardroom.

school therapy servicesBut more than this unmatched experience enables us to provide a level of services that results in long-term solutions. What differentiates us is how we execute.

Our clinical and administrative teams work together to line up potential therapists’ specific characteristics with a given school district’s specific needs.

I like to think our approach makes us the “” for school therapy services! As in any long-lasting relationship, you may date for a while before finding your permanent partner. But you won’t have a “bad date” in the bunch, because all our therapists are of the highest caliber.

When we set out to fill a district’s need, we consider more than a potential therapist’s level of clinical competency. We’re looking for the full package to complement your individual teams’ many personalities and dynamics.

The therapists we choose will blend nicely into your buildings’ pre-existing cultures. You’ll feel like they’ve been part of your team forever!

Five Steps to Making Great Therapy Staffing Matches

Here’s a little more information about our five-step selection process.

  • Step One: The Therapist InterviewWe interview potential staff to get acquainted with their professional experience and goals. We outline what the programs we serve are looking for, share our unique system for therapist support, and work together to determine the best fit between therapists’ personal aims and districts’ pressing needs.
  • Step Two: The Opportunity AlignmentThis onsite location preview allows potential staff to evaluate the assignment, the school, the program administrator’s expectations, and the paperwork requirements. We also give everyone a complimentary Career Opportunity Packet filled with helpful reminders and forms. This step is critical, as it sets expectations early in the process and weeds out candidates not aligned with PTS’ school-based therapy services philosophy.
  • school therapy servicesStep Three: The SmartStart AdvantageAt this meeting, we give a PTS Confidence Kit to staff. It includes a client’s initiatives and goals, accurate caseload lists, instructions for using our online billing system, and our schedule of professional development workshops. We also include an introduction to the team and a welcome to the PTS community.
  • Step Four: The On-site Alliance NetworkOnce staff are in your district, we provide on-site clinical support and professional mentoring, which research shows makes a huge difference to school-based practitioners. Administrators tell us how much they appreciate our clinical directors’ hands-on approach. As Dr. Percell Whitaker II of Centennial School District said, “The people we’ve received from PTS have been excellent and have become members of our building team.” On-site program management is a PTS hallmark you won’t get from other therapy staffing agencies.
  • Step Five: Year-to-Year Transition Support If something is working, why change it? If a relationship is working, we at PTS do everything in our power to ensure the team continues intact from year to year. Our therapists feel supported and appreciated in their roles and are always eager to return. This stability means less disruption for schools, fewer unexpected costs for districts, and more time saved for administrators!

PTS’ extensive screening and interview process help us choose skilled team members we know will complement your district for the long haul, as opposed to temporarily filling a staffing gap.

Partner with PTS for Better Staff and a Stronger Program

Our directors know the important details about the districts they serve. You can feel confident they will provide you with like-minded candidates who’ll bring additional value to your school therapy services teams.

In districts partnering with PTS, families are happier, teachers are fully supported, and administrators like you are confident every therapy dollar is wisely spent.

To find out how we can help you fill your therapist staffing needs in ways that make a real and lasting positive impact, call us today at 610-941-7020, or contact us online.

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