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Why You’ll Love Having PTS as Your Related Services Provider

As the leading related services provider in the Greater Delaware Valley, Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) understands your job is one of the toughest in the world.

If you give parents all the services they could ever want on their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), your district’s business manager will get upset about budget increases.

If you let teachers refer every student who has trouble holding a pencil to occupational therapy or every child with a lisp to speech-language therapy, clinicians will come to your office saying you need to bring in more therapists.

Male special ed. administrator encourages two elementary school girls practicing handwriting in occupational therapy group.

And, if you don’t make sure everyone you supervise meets legal mandates to the letter, you’re setting your program and your district up for trouble.

For all these reasons and more, we’ll do more than send you therapy staff. We will work to ease your administrative burden. 

Our Clinical Directors Take Care of Routine Business for You

As an administrator, you already have more than enough to manage. “People problems” from one of your vendors is the last thing you need!

PTS’ Clinical Directors take care of everything—from building and caseload assignments to coverage for itinerant students. 

We monitor therapists’ efficiency and work with them to implement initiatives for improving your program’s quality and effectiveness.

When one of our team members needs help with a complicated clinical or legal situation, we provide all necessary coaching and support.

Whenever you need them, your PTS Clinical Director is one phone call or email away.

We don’t know of another related services provider in the region who can make these claims.

Our Incisive Data Analysis Helps You Build a Stronger Program

Do you find the million different details falling under your purview keeping you awake at night?

Rest easy! PTS has proprietary technology to help.

We use our award-winning, patent-pending BudgetWatchTM system to track data on all key metrics affecting related services programming. These metrics include referrals, compliance, attendance, and cost allocation by building and even by student.

We give this data to administrators in Program Summary reports. These reports also include insights into how well a program is or isn’t performing and recommendations for improvement.

BudgetWatchTM helps us and you stay ahead of trends, like rising caseloads and referrals that can increase costs over time. As a result, you can lead proactively, better aligning your programs with your district’s goals and budget.

Once you have the right information, you can make informed decisions that change things for the better.

No wonder one administrator says using BudgetWatchTM is like “Having eyes in the back of my head!”

Our Inservices Help Your Teachers Teach Students with a Disability or Disorder

One of PTS’ core values is, “We Teach Everyone!” We embody that value by giving away hundreds of hours of teacher training to clients annually at no extra cost.

Most teachers receive little formal training on disabilities and therapeutic strategies. When they find themselves responsible for students with a disability or disorder, they can feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Educating teachers about why students struggle not only builds their capacity as educators but also creates understanding and compassion. Our trainings and inservices help teachers see a “problem child” as a “child with a problem who needs their help.” After that change of heart happens, everything is different.

PTS is so committed to training teachers to support needy students, we donate trainings to schools in developing countries. Over the last 13 years, we’ve equipped hundreds of teachers in India, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America.

(Incidentally, our clinicians will also offer parent counseling and training in our client districts as needed and appropriate. This training can help create a seamless experience of support for students between school and home.)

Our Supports Keep Your Students from “Falling Through the Cracks”

Most special education administrators didn’t go into this field to say “no” to helping students. Yet because, in most states, Child Find requires that students demonstrate negative academic impact, many kids aren’t eligible to get help.

Some students may have difficulty with their handwriting, find it hard to focus, or make mild articulation errors. These functional problems by themselves simply don’t qualify the students for direct service or special education. However, they still need help!

Because PTS is owned and run by pediatric therapists, we saw the need to bridge this gap and prevent students from ultimately ending up on caseloads. For this reason, PTS has invested heavily in creating a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model for related services.

This framework includes Tier 1 classroom-based interventions, short-term Tier 2 small group programs, and a robust array of teacher trainings that bring therapy strategies into regular education classrooms. 

Our approach lets administrators deliver meaningful, effective support to all the students they serve. It also eliminates much of the customary conflict with parents and concerned teachers.

Our Therapists Bring Expertise and Excellence to Your Program

PTS is the Greater Delaware Valley’s most trusted related services provider—in part—because we have so many of the region’s top therapists on our team.

Many of our clinicians, including one of the company’s founders, trained at elite pediatric specialty centers like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They worked with the most complex cases. And, we have team members who teach at the university level and speak at national and international conferences every year.

PTS also invests heavily in building all our therapists’ capacity. We provide ongoing opportunities for them to get continuing education that keeps them at the top of their game. When a student with complicated needs enters your district, you can be confident we have the depth of expertise to create a solid plan, train your staff, and equip the teachers in your classrooms.

Want to know more about how PTS can help make your related services program do the most good for students? Claim your free related services audit today.

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