Pediatric Therapeutic Services

The 3 R’s (Relevant Rehab Research)!

Barrow researchers identify new vision of how we explore our world

Although the researchers involved in this study primarily focus on adults with neurological conditions, their findings remain relevant to both OTs and educators, especially in regards to reading and visual perceptual tasks. They found that, whether the visual stimuli is large or small, we use similar patterns of eye movement to learn details, rather than the previous belief that fixation and exploration were more dissimilar than alike.

Avoid impulsive acts by imagining future benefits

Although this study has implications for addressing executive functioning, it is valuable to keep in mind for all of our students as they work toward their goals! The researchers found differences in brain activity between patient and impatient people, and report that it appears that being about to think ahead to the future reward increased positive feelings about the goal.

Body Representation Differs in Children and Adults

This experiment, tested how our senses inform our sense of body. Most relevant to occupational and physical therapists is the finding that children, more than adults, rely on their sense of sight to determine their physical self.

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