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The 3 T’s of Transforming Therapy Services: Teams, Tools, and Technology

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we understand the multi-dimensional challenges school administrators face, including:

  • A growing special education population
  • Increasingly complex student needs
  • Costly litigation
  • Underfunding

As one of our partners, you’ll have a tailored, integrated strategy that addresses all these challenges at once through our Therapeutic EcoSystem™, which includes the Three T’s: Teams, Tools, and Technology. Find out here how the Therapeutic EcoSystem™ can help you serve more students while staying mindful of cost and time constraints.

What Is the Therapeutic Ecosystem™?

Transform Therapy Services with Teams, Tools, and Tech The Therapeutic Ecosystem™ is an integrated service model comprised of teams, tools, and technology that work together to help your district support more students without increasing costs or caseloads. The three main components are:


We provide you with a customized, classroom-specific team based on your student population’s unique needs. At PTS, we have highly qualified Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), Physical Therapists (PT), Nurses, Behavioral Health Specialists, and Clinical Directors ready to support your special education program.


When you partner with us, you gain complete access to our Capable Classroom™ Toolkits, which provide therapist-developed resources, games, and activities. This suite consists of numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that teachers can implement at the classroom level to help more students while promoting inclusivity.


To bring it all together, there’s our award-winning online data collection and analysis tool, BudgetWatch™. This cloud-based technology provides the insights your district needs to make data-driven decisions about your special education program.

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How the Therapeutic Ecosystem™ Works in Your District

The 3 T’s of our Therapeutic EcoSystem™ help you create a well-rounded program that takes a “Whole Child” approach while staying mindful of budgetary constraints. Here’s how it works in a real-world school setting: 

The Therapeutic EcoSystem™ in Action

Therapists use BudgetWatch™ technology to to bill for sessions, screens, evaluations, consult time, MTSS, and indirect services.

BudgetWatch™ analytics identify areas for improvement—like an uptick in referrals for a particular therapeutic need.

PTS’s Clinical Directors analyze the BudgetWatch™ data to find the root causes of the issues.

Based on this data, PTS recommends Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports that can be implemented at the classroom level and trains teachers on how to deliver those supports.

Our Clinical Directors use BudgetWatch™ analytics to continually monitor progress, evaluate interventions, and adjust the strategy as needed.

As you can see, our teams, tools, and technology work together in an integrated framework to support more students at the classroom level, while ensuring that only the students who truly need to be there are placed on the therapy caseload.

This is more important than ever as districts are experiencing an increase in students needing supports as a result of school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. By implementing our Therapeutic EcoSystem™ to transform your therapy services, you’ll be able to ensure that students receive the supports they need without overwhelming caseloads or increasing costs.

Our Clinical Directors will be with you every step of the way to help your schools seamlessly adopt an integrated approach. We provide day-to-day program management so that you know your related services program is in good hands while you focus on the bigger picture needs of your district.

Real-World Results: Delaware County School District Reduced OT Referrals by 42% Using the Therapeutic EcoSystem™

Transforming Therapy ServicesThanks to our integrated teams, tools, and technology, one of our partnering school districts in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, reduced their OT referrals by 42%.

Here’s how we did it: The district noticed an increase in handwriting skill referrals in first- and second-grade classrooms, where nearly half the students had significant difficulty with letter formation.

By analyzing the data through BudgetWatch™ technology, PTS identified the cause of the increasing referrals. We then implemented our 6-week supplemental, small-group handwriting instruction club called Pencil Power™ across the impacted classes. This resulted in a 42% drop in OT handwriting referrals.

PTS’s interventions kept handwriting instruction in the classroom, where it belongs. Not only did this help more students, but it also made the entire program more cost-effective by keeping students off therapy caseloads who didn’t need to be there.

Transform Your Therapy Services with PTS Today

When you work with us, you become one of our partners. That means you’ll receive ongoing support from our Clinical Directors, complete access to our Capable Classroom™ Toolkits, free teacher trainings, and of course data-driven insights from regular BudgetWatch™ Program Summary Reports.

Contact us to find out how the three T’s of our Therapeutic EcoSystem™ can help you get your caseloads under control, while providing every student with the appropriate level of support. Discover the continual benefits of partnering with PTS today!

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