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What Keeps Me Inspired

To wrap up Better Speech and Hearing Month, one of our Clinical Directors, Maria Unger, MA, CCC/SLP, talks about what keeps her inspired as a Speech Language Pathologist.

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What Keeps Me Inspired

I have done pretty much everything under the pediatric speech therapy umbrella: outpatient, hospital, school-based, early intervention, etc.  Every day when I wake up for work I think, “I get to go and do the most amazing job.  I get to teach children how to communicate, to give them the power of their voice, and the power to speak up for themselves.”  Of course, there are hard cases, paperwork, and difficult meetings, but in the end helping kids find the power of their voice outweighs the challenges.

I have seen this power come through in the voice of a toddler finally finding his first words, in the message of a preschooler who is finally understood by his peers, or in the voice of a middle schooler finally able to relay the events of his day to his mother using his AAC device.  Whatever the modality, it is communication, and communication is the connection to humanity.  This connection is what continues to keep me inspired.  I am grateful to and inspired by all those families and children who have let me share their journey.

Better Speech and Hearing Month is a wonderful time to celebrate the speech therapists who continue stay inspired in their endeavor to motivate and help children to keep trying.  We motivate them to try one more time to say those sounds that make up the one little word that changes everything.  Take time before this month is over to acknowledge those professionals who help make communication possible for so many of our amazing little friends.

Maria Unger, MA, CCC/SLP

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