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Create a Customized Related Services Program with Pediatric Therapeutic Services

Just like no two students are alike, no two school districts are alike. To meet the increasingly complex needs of your students, you need a customized related services program that directly addresses the unique challenges of your district.

By providing integrated services and day-to-day program management, Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) offers schools the opportunity to customize their related services program to support the most students possible while also controlling costs and caseloads.

Contact us to find out how we can help you build a related services program that fits your district!

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What’s the PTS Advantage?

Create a Customized Related Services Program PTS’s priority is helping you ensure your students achieve their academic goals. We consider the districts we work with partners, and just like you, we’re heavily invested in student outcomes.

To help you support your students, we place highly qualified pediatric therapists within districts, including occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, behavioral health specialists, and school psychologists.

In addition to providing our partnering schools with qualified pediatric therapists, our full-service approach involves:

  • Offering strategic insights into opportunities, trends, and risks with our BudgetWatch™ software.
  • Working closely with districts to develop an efficient, child-centered support system that maximizes student achievement.
  • Strategically implementing MTSS-RtII initiatives based on building-specific needs.
  • Testing, analyzing, and adapting existing PTS program modules based on real data.
  • Supporting referral prevention through empowering teachers and building staff with no-cost trainings and resources.

How We Customize Your Related Services Program to Meet the Needs of Your District

Our Clinical Directors actively collaborate with your school’s administrators to build a related services program that meets the increasingly complex needs of your students. When we design a customized program for our partnering districts, the first thing we consider is how many therapists they’ll require to properly support the students on caseload. We have experience working with districts of all sizes, with varying student needs.

Once you’re partnered with us, our Clinical Directors can also analyze data from our BudgetWatch™ software to:

  • Related Services ProgramMake adjustments to your related services program in real time
  • Identify areas of increased referrals
  • Uncover opportunities for additional teacher trainings
  • Discover the root causes behind cost increases

With this information, we’ll develop a plan of action that’s unique to your district so that you can reduce cost increases within your program while also supporting as many students as possible.

For example, if your district is experiencing an increase in referrals for a specific discipline, we can provide teacher trainings or whole-class push-in sessions that address the issue at the classroom level. This exposes more students to therapeutic supports while also keeping students off caseload who don’t truly need to be there.

Our ability to nimbly change direction allows us to respond to the needs of our partners when ground conditions change; as has been the case throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Create a Customized Related Services Program with PTS Today

At PTS, we know that related services aren’t one-size-fits-all. So, we take a different approach. We provide our partnering districts with pediatric therapy services that are unique to their district’s needs. Contact us to learn how PTS can help you build a customized related services program within your district today!

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