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How PTS Keeps You Compliant with Special Education Laws

You know how much time and effort you invest in staying compliant with all state and federal special education laws.

What if you had an experienced partner who took on the work of keeping your special education program compliant while you stayed focused on the big picture details of your role as an administrator?

Working with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) is a low-risk, high-reward way to make sure that your education program is accessible to all and fully compliant. We adhere to all State and Federal Special Education Laws, and PTS’s Clinical Directors act as an extension of your special education program, overseeing compliance and coordinating service delivery.

How PTS Keeps You Compliant with Special Education LawsBelow, you’ll learn just some of the ways that we help our partnering schools maintain compliance with several different laws.

All PTS services are delivered in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Pennsylvania Chapter 14

In compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Chapter 14 of the Pennsylvania School code, PTS partners with school districts to support the provision of a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal regulations.

PTS’s related service staff and managers are also aware of the need to provide challenged students with an education that prepares them for a successful adult life. We work closely with Transition Liaisons to establish detailed plans that mutually benefit students and the community businesses that invest in helping these students get ahead.

Pennsylvania Chapter 15: Protected Handicapped Students

Protected handicapped students, as a group, are covered by Chapter 15 of the school code. Chapter 15 is also sometimes referred to as Section 504, which is the federal name for this program.

The goal of Chapter 15/Section 504 is to provide protected handicapped students with related services without discrimination and accommodations that are needed to allow for equal opportunity participation in the school program.

Knowing that access to services via 504 can be over-utilized if not carefully monitored, PTS works closely with its school district clients to ensure uniform application of eligibility criteria. As legal interpretations of this statute continue to evolve, PTS brings extensive leadership to following the implementation guidelines given by school district attorneys.

Pennsylvania Chapter 16: Gifted Students

Gifted services are specifically afforded to those students that not only demonstrate highly intellectualized and exceptional academic and thinking skills, but also require specially designed instruction or programming that exceeds what is provided in the district’s typical differentiated classroom learning environment.

PTS therapists support students who have been identified as gifted by the school district but have a functional impairment or disability that requires therapeutic support to enable them to access the curriculum.

Extended School Year

How PTS Keeps You Compliant with Special Education LawsYour PTS therapy team will assess each student’s eligibility for Extended School Year (ESY) and inform the district of their recommendations in compliance with designated timelines.

These determinations will be made based on the guidelines provided in Code of Federal Regulations Title 34 part 300.106 as well as Pennsylvania Code Title 22, Chapter 14.132 and Chapter 711.44. These statues address skill retention and recoupment during periods when school is not in session. 

All staffing of ESY therapy is coordinated and managed by PTS to ensure full compliance with all required services without adding any additional work onto the plate of busy administrators.

Compliance Assurance with BudgetWatch™

PTS’s proprietary BudgetWatch™ software helps you stay compliant through careful data logging and reporting. Our Clinical Directors regularly analyze the data that our therapists enter into our dashboard to quickly identify areas where your district can improve compliance and make changes in real time.

For example, our Cost-Per Child Reports provide administrators with a permanent attendance and service record for every student PTS serves. This report enables schools to track IEP compliance and document the REAL cost of each student, as it itemizes every minute of billing applied to a specific child by category, date, and therapy type.

With this careful reporting, you’ll have the data and documentation you need to stay compliant and transparent without a large time commitment on the part of administrators or teachers.

Find Out How PTS Makes it Easy to Maintain Compliance with Special Education Laws

Staying compliant can be easy when you partner with PTS.

Our Clinical Directors stay up to date on all compliance laws and standards and communicate these standards with your district. We also offer reporting and day-to-day program oversight to keep you compliant without additional effort on the part of administrators.

Contact PTS to find out how we can take compliance off your hands today!

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