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An Interview with PTS Director of Clinical Services

As a Director of Clinical Services at PTS, Jennifer Cancro helps the therapists who work in her assigned school districts put their best foot forward every day. Find out more about Jennifer’s day-to-day activities and how you can amplify your impact as a school-based therapist with Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS)!

Riding the “Positive Bus” for More than 2 Decades

Real Life Story #1 (Impact of PTS)With over 20 years of therapy experience, Jennifer began her career working as an Occupational Therapist at an outpatient rehabilitation facility. After holding several roles in a wide variety of therapeutic settings, she shifted to school-based work with PTS. Before moving into a leadership role, Jennifer worked as both a part-time and full-time independent contractor.

Like the rest of the PTS team, Jennifer has an empowering leadership style. She seeks to bring all the people she collaborates with onto the “positive bus,” as she calls it. Because, when everyone shares the same enthusiasm, desire, vision, and focus, they can go above and beyond what needs to be done.

A True Mentor and Advocate for Therapists and Students

As a Clinical Director, Jennifer is paired with eight districts and works with nearly 100 therapists across these districts. She acts as an extension of the district’s special education program and serves as a bridge of communication between therapists, school administrators, and PTS management.

Jennifer also guides her districts through annual cycles, including extended school year (ESY) planning and early intervention programming, and offers trainings for special education administrators. She wears many hats throughout her day-to-day to ensure that every party involved has what they need to succeed.

Jennifer Helps Dedicated Therapists Grow Their Skillsets and Advance Their Careers

Jennifer has been a Clinical Director with PTS for three years and counting. Through her experience, she knows that she thrives when making coaching, consulting, and mentoring opportunities available to her therapy teams.

Real Life Story #1 (Impact of PTS)At PTS, Jennifer has the opportunity to develop and use a wider variety of skillsets than in any previous position. A few of these include financial evaluations, data collection, program marketing, and program delivery. PTS gave her the opportunity to expand her skills and grow in her career. Now, she provides the same opportunities to other therapists!

She makes a point to offer the therapists in her assigned school districts the opportunity to develop and practice their therapy and leadership skills by:

  • Helping her develop and lead a workshop
  • Serving as a PTS School Based Academy mentor
  • Participating in Team Service Tuesdays each week
  • Stepping up to serve as a team lead within their school

Internal & External Programs Make a Bigger Impact Thanks to Jennifer’s Hard Work and Dedication

When she isn’t working directly with therapists and school administrators, Jennifer channels her energy into PTS’s administration tasks, such as reviewing the monthly billing of her therapists. This ensures that therapists continue to meet their district’s overall goals and each child receives the correct services to meet their needs.

During this time, she also develops and supports existing internal programs and trainings to enhance her therapists’ and districts’ delivery of related services. Similarly, Jennifer sees the implementation and marketing of external programs, such as the Pencil Power™ Supplemental Handwriting Instruction Program, through to completion.

In this way, she ensures that each program reaches its full potential and makes the greatest impact.

Advance Your Career & Make a Greater Impact as a School-Based Therapist With PTS

If you want to move forward in your career and help more students along the way, contact PTS to learn about how you can make a greater impact with Jennifer and the rest of the team. Start by searching through our current school-based therapy openings today!

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