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Save Money with No-Cost, On-Demand Teacher Training

We know from experience that therapy programs can only be truly effective when teachers are empowered to implement therapist-provided resources at the classroom level. By providing in-service trainings to teachers at our partnering districts about various therapeutic techniques—at no additional cost—we ensure they have the skills to help more than just the student. Not only does this approach help your team support more students and promote inclusivity in the classroom, but it also saves your district money in the long run. Contact the team at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) and we’ll show you how.

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Our Most Requested In-Service Trainings Provided at No Cost to You

  1. Save Money with No-Cost, On-Demand Teacher TrainingApplying Sensory Processing and Self-Regulation Techniques in the Classroom
  2. Strategies to Improve Handwriting
  3. Practical Therapeutic Strategies to Improve Standardized Tests
  4. Facilitating Language in the Classroom
  5. Executive Skills and Organizational Strategies for Students with Disabilities
  6. An Introduction to Therapy Services: Making Accurate Referrals
PTS programs are designed to prevent referrals resulting from a lack of appropriate or supplemental instruction. By providing teachers at our partnering districts with the tools to address concerns at the classroom level, we ensure only the kids who truly need to be there are placed on caseload. This saves you money while strengthening your program as a whole.

How Our In-Service Trainings Help Your District Save Time and Money

Because we provide high-quality teacher training at no additional cost to the districts who partner with us, we have a reputation for elevating the quality of therapy programming while concurrently containing costs for school districts each year. This is in stark contrast to the trend of steady increases in therapy costs experienced by most public schools. Here’s why we’re different: The Clinical Directors at PTS are hands-on and take the time to understand your students, teachers, and the needs of your district. They start by analyzing your district’s BudgetWatch™ program summary reports for issues that may increase costs. Doing this allows us to:
  • Catch issues early before they become costly problems for your students or your district.
  • Use data to implement strategic solutions at the classroom level to address the core cause of the issue.
Save Money with No-Cost, On-Demand Teacher TrainingOnce we’ve identified an issue and a solution, our Clinical Specialists and Lead Therapists work closely with our Clinical Directors to develop, plan, and deliver in-service training programs to address the needs for your specific school. We involve all Four Pillars of Management, so it’s truly a team effort across all of PTS. Our team is accustomed to regularly implementing district-wide initiatives, and we’ve worked with both large and small districts. No matter the size of your district or the complexity of your students’ needs, we’ll deliver the foundational and kinesthetic background needed to train teachers and monitor program effectiveness. We also provide no-cost resources like games and activities from our Capable Classroom® that teachers can use as pre-referral interventions, like: Pencil Power: A 6-week supplemental handwriting instruction program. Super Self Program: A self-regulation group that helps students grow their social skills and self-regulation abilities. Artic Blast™: A board game that makes it even more fun to practice articulation in a small group.

Real-World Results: Reducing Related Services Costs by 25% with No-Cost Teacher Training

We’ve seen the benefits of no-cost teacher trainings time and again with real-world implementation. For example, when a Montgomery County, PA, school district needed to reconcile a tightening budget with increasingly complex student needs, they turned to PTS. The average cost per student receiving direct service on the OT caseload dropped by $538. This amounted to $72,092 in savings—a 25% reduction in total related services costs. We did this by delivering targeted pre-referral interventions that teachers could implement at the general education level and provided the necessary training to implement them. The interventions we suggested and helped the district implement were based on the unique needs of the district’s student population. This enabled us to help more students without ever placing them on therapy caseload. In just one year, PTS stabilized the budget and saved the district money.

Save Money with No-Cost On-Demand Teacher Training from PTS

At PTS, we believe in giving your district, teachers, and students the tools they need to succeed, often with no additional cost to you. When you partner with us, our Clinical Directors will take care of any day-to-day program management needs you may have, including planning, developing, and delivering teacher trainings. Contact PTS today to learn how we can provide your teachers with no-cost in-service trainings and help your district save on your special education costs.
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