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Progress Monitoring: Improving Student Outcomes at a Lower Cost

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), we’ve learned that the right data can make all the difference in improving student outcomes without increasing costs. That’s why we perform ongoing progress monitoring to move students through the continuum of therapy, so that they can be discharged when they’re ready. Contact PTS to find out how our team monitors your students’ progress. We’ll help you respond to increasingly complex student needs at a lower cost, without any extra time or effort on the part of school administrators.

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Progress Monitoring: Why Does it Matter for Your School and Your Students?

Progress Monitoring: Improving Student Outcomes at a Lower CostPTS is different because we continually monitor student progress. We collect measurable data for every session — not just what is legally required for quarterly reports. Through this, we can assess eligibility on an ongoing basis for each individual student. We enable students to be discharged from therapy as soon as possible, not left waiting for an annual review. Our proprietary BudgetWatch™ analytics software makes it easy for therapists to enter data for every student, after every session. So, real data supports PTS’s recommendations, meaning that administrators can be confident that each clinical decision is legally defensible.

How Does Ongoing Progress Monitoring Help Your Program?

Making sure the “right” students get on and off the caseload is critical to responding to student needs and controlling total therapy costs long term. With regular progress monitoring, our Clinical Directors can help you identify the students who can come off caseload as soon as they’re ready. This also:
  • Frees up space on the caseload so that therapists can focus on the students who truly need services
  • Prevents overidentification by removing students who don’t need to be there from the caseload
  • Reduces billable therapy hours, thereby reducing costs
We offer your teachers no-cost training and resources so that they can continue to provide interventions at the classroom level that support students in their least restrictive environment (LRE).

We Teach our Therapists to Monitor Student Progress

Progress Monitoring: Improving Student Outcomes at a Lower CostProgress monitoring is an important part of our MTSS approach to related services. In addition to helping your students and reducing costs in the long run, it helps to keep your school compliant, without much added effort on your part. We believe in the long-term benefits of regular progress monitoring for improving student outcomes, so we teach our therapists how to monitor student progress as part of our School-Based Academy™. This program provides specialized instruction in the areas of:
  • Effective caseload management
  • Developing strong professional relationships
  • Writing legally defensible IEPs
  • Data collection
  • Progress monitoring
The Academy combines experienced school-based practitioner and administrator feedback to train therapists to be the best in the field. You can be certain the therapists on your team have the training to know when students are ready to be discharged from therapy or when adjustments need to be made to an individual student’s treatment plan to improve outcomes.

Find Out How Consistent Progress Monitoring Can Improve Your District’s Related Services Program

At PTS, we’ve seen how regular and accurate progress monitoring can help districts and their students while also keeping caseloads and costs low. Our Clinical Directors will carefully monitor your students’ progress and manage the day-to-day details of your special education program for you, so that you have more time to focus on the big-picture elements of your district. Contact PTS to find out about how we use progress monitoring to help districts like yours support more students at a lower cost.
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