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Reduce Related Services Referrals in Your School by 42% or More with Help from Pediatric Therapeutic Services

As a school administrator, you likely have competing priorities:

  • Providing inclusive, high-quality supports for your students
  • Controlling the costs of your special education program

With growing caseloads, it may seem like an impossible feat to meet the complex needs of your students while also keeping your special education costs low.

Allow PTS to introduce you to our revolutionary method for addressing more of your students’ related services needs while also reducing referrals.

Learn more here and then contact us to find out how we can help your district reduce special education referrals.

They Key to Reducing Referrals: Catch Issues Early and Implement Therapeutic Supports at the Classroom Level

Reduce Related Services Referrals in Your School by 42% or More with Help from Pediatric Therapeutic ServicesPTS uses a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) model to shift focus to creating an inclusive and supportive classroom environment for all students. This ensures the majority of students are being exposed to interventions on a regular basis in their day-to-day classroom environment, which is often likely to resolve an issue without proceeding to a formal process of evaluation.

We do this by using four simple steps to intervene early—instead of waiting until their disability creates a potentially irreversible academic setback that requires targeted supports from the related services team. Those steps are:

  1. Immediately identifying a spike in referrals using our proprietary BudgetWatch™ software
  2. Analyzing the data and developing a solution
  3. Implementing supports at the classroom level to address the root cause of the issue
  4. Monitoring progress and making adjustments as necessary

PTS offers free teacher training, as well as in-class resources, to address the root cause of any issue that may be resulting in increased referrals. This allows teachers to implement proven Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports as part of the classroom routine instead of referring students to related services for evaluation.

Not only does implementing supports at the classroom level expose more students to supportive interventions, but it also reduces referrals, overidentification, and disproportionality. You’ll ensure that only the right students are on caseload.

Our Clinical Directors will continue to monitor the progress of any implemented interventions using BudgetWatch™ and make adjustments in real time as needed.

Real-World Applications: How PTS Helped Delaware County School District Reduce Occupational Therapy Referrals by 42%

Reduce Related Services Referrals in Your School by 42% or More with Help from Pediatric Therapeutic ServicesDelaware County School District successfully reduced referrals when they partnered with us to address a big uptick in referrals for writing issues.

PTS used BudgetWatch™ to identify the problem and quickly find the exact source of referral increases (two thirds were coming from the first and second grade), as well as the specific students impacted. Our Clinical Directors then worked closely with Delaware County School District to create a plan to address the increased referrals.

Our solution? We implemented our Pencil Power™ 6-week handwriting program in small groups. This program is ideally targeted to students who require a different approach to accessing the help they need at the general education level without moving forward with OT evaluations.

At the conclusion of the 6-week Pencil Power™ program, PTS reported a 42% drop in OT referrals. Not only did we reduce referrals, but we increased access to supports for more students!

PTS Can Help You Reduce Referrals in Your District while Supporting more Students

PTS offers our partnering schools a simple but effective framework that ensures their district has the right team, tools, and technology in place to respond to student needs. We do this all without adding additional responsibilities on administrators who are already very busy.

Our Clinical Directors will provide hands-on support in the implementation and maintenance of this framework and process, so contact PTS to start reducing referrals in your district today!

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