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Using the Four Pillars of Management to Enhance Special Education Staffing and Programming

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), our unique management approach—our Four Pillars of Management—allows us to provide the most value possible to our partnering districts while also helping them save time and enhance their special education programs.

How does it work? It’s simple.

The talent we attract and retain is one of the key ways that we reduce administrative complexity and help schools save money. Low turnover, continued professional development opportunities, and in-school consistency make it possible for us to process your school’s increased referrals without also increasing resources or billable hours.

Learn about our Four Pillars of Management and how every member of our team works together to serve your school and your students. Then, contact us to find out how our four teams of experts can go to work for you.

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Pillar One: Clinical Directors

Using the Four Pillars of Management in Special Education While your therapy team supports your students, our Clinical Directors are here to support you. We’ll take care of the day-to-day aspects of your related services staffing and programming, saving you time to focus on the big picture tasks that require most of your attention as a school administrator.

Since our Clinical Directors have all been school-based clinicians themselves, they’re highly trained and talented therapy leaders who take the time to become experts on your student population, what your students need, and how to best serve them.

The work that our Clinical Directors do ensures your special education program is streamlined and cost-effective, all while maintaining a high quality of care. They often work directly with your therapy team to:

  • Consult on the most difficult cases
  • Resolve building-level issues
  • Keep administrators informed of everything that’s happening within their special education program

Our Clinical Directors also provide direct support to therapists, students, and schools, as well as oversee IEP compliance, provide teacher training, and coordinate service delivery.


Pillar Two: Lead Therapists

With their inside working knowledge of building processes, our Lead Therapists are the key to the seamless integration of PTS’s larger related services team. They’re senior clinicians who:

  • Coordinate referrals
  • Develop informal teacher in-service programs
  • Provide immediate solutions to many day-to-day issues

They work closely with our Clinical Directors to implement strategic goals for your school and deploy a cohesively managed program that saves you time and enhances your special education program in the long run.


Pillar Three: Clinical Specialists

Using the Four Pillars of Management in Special Education School staff and therapists who need help with a particularly difficult case, the development of new programs, or complex evaluations, look to our Clinical Specialists for their expertise. These uniquely skilled experts work closely with PTS directors to:

  • Plan in-service programs for therapists
  • Provide consultation when a student’s complexities require a specialized approach

They’re also involved in PTS’s School-Based Academy™. Overall, our Clinical Specialists help keep our model of service delivery current, safe, and compliant with the latest special education initiatives.


Pillar Four: Therapy Team

Therapy providers play an important role in supporting teachers, students, and families to ensure students reach their full potential. They:

  • Carry out treatment plans
  • Ensure that PTS’s proprietary and proven practices are implemented effectively within your related services program

PTS currently works with over 450 pediatric therapists, many of whom plant roots and stay with us for years. Our low turnover rate among our therapy team provides schools with unmatched stability and expertise. Plus, our School-Based Academy™ provides completion of credentialing for all our therapists and ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

The School-Based Academy™ is PTS’s one-of-a-kind professional development program that provides specialized instruction in the areas of effective caseload management, developing strong professional relationships, writing legally defensible IEPs, progress monitoring, data collection, and MTSS-RtII methodologies.

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Put Our Four Pillars of Management to Work for Your District

At PTS, we make it clear that we invest in our people so that we can provide a high level of consistency for our partnering schools and their students.

Our Clinical Directors, Lead Therapists, Clinical Specialists, and Therapy Teams all work together to design and implement the right processes for your school to help you reduce unnecessary referrals and manage caseloads, all while providing a high quality of care that’s inclusive and supportive of the needs of all students.

As a bonus, we do all this while saving you vital time and providing peace of mind that your special education program is being managed effectively and efficiently. Contact PTS today to find out how our Four Pillars of Management can employ specialized teams to meet the needs of your school’s special education program.

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