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Why You Need PTS’s Capable Classroom™ to Promote Inclusivity in Your District

With rising caseloads and increasingly complex student needs, you need a solution that promotes inclusivity in the classroom without increasing special education costs.

At Pediatric Therapeutic Services, we have a solution! Our proprietary Capable Classroom™ activities and programs seamlessly incorporate therapeutic interventions into the classroom to the benefit of all students.  

Learn more here, then contact PTS to find out how your teachers can use our Capable Classroom™ programs to promote inclusivity and organically integrate therapy at the general education level.

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How the Capable Classroom™ Promotes Inclusivity

Why You Need PTS’s Capable Classroom™ to Promote Inclusivity in Your DistrictThe Capable Classroom™ is a suite of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that can be incorporated at the classroom level, thus exposing more students to interventions. These activities are specifically targeted to address skill deficits in a fun and effective way that promotes learning through play with mixed groups of typical and non-typical students.

Simple, step-by-step instructions enable parent volunteers and paraprofessionals to implement the small group activities, freeing teachers to focus on other classroom priorities while helping students achieve therapy goals more quickly.

Activities in The Capable Classroom™ are ideally suited for use as pre-referral interventions or used as classroom carryover activities for students who are on the therapy caseload. Often, incorporating these programs into the classroom can help resolve issues without a formal evaluation.

Along with promoting inclusivity, this helps your district control the issue of increasing costs and busy caseloads.

The Capable Classroom™ Works in Real-World Applications

We saw the Capable Classroom™ work in a real-world setting when we responded to a spike in occupational therapy (OT) referrals for K through 2nd graders at Delaware County School District. We implemented our Pencil Power™ program and, by the end of this 6-week handwriting instruction club, OT referrals dropped by 42%!

A Look inside the Capable Classroom Toolbox of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interventions

Our Capable Classroom™ is composed of several programs that your teachers can implement at the classroom level to promote inclusivity. We’re always adding new activities. Some of the most popular ones are:

Pencil Power™ Supplemental Handwriting Instruction Program

PTS’s Pencil Power™ is a 6-week program designed specifically for K-2 classrooms, utilizing a kinesthetic approach that places handwriting instruction back in the realm of regular education and in the least restrictive environment.

This unique program gives students who have not responded to existing in-class supports an opportunity to address underlying issues that limit functional handwriting. It also provides opportunities for students to practice key pre-writing and writing skills without the need for an OT—therapy without the therapist!

The program incorporates a Handwriting Without Tears screener for pre/post data collection that provides consistent documentation of student progress. For even more engagement, try the Pencil Power™ board game.

Super Self™—Self-Regulation Group

Why You Need PTS’s Capable Classroom™ to Promote Inclusivity in Your DistrictDesigned for 3rd grade and beyond, our Super Self™ self-regulation group boosts classroom and student social skills and self-regulation abilities.

Our unique program is an individual or small group experience that encourages students to build sensory awareness and equips them to create their own programs for when they need it most. These “trainer-friendly” sessions can be monitored by a teacher, paraprofessional, therapist, or parent volunteer.

Students also complete a self-reflective report card as a part of this program. We collect the data and observe results to create a targeted, individualized analysis of each student’s progress, as well as the initiative’s overall effectiveness.

Artic Blast™ Board Game

While playing the Artic Blast™ board game, the more clearly students speak, the higher they climb. This is a fast-moving, fun, and exciting board game for elementary students who need to practice articulation skills. Students race to the top of the mountain, climbing higher with every correct pronunciation.

Artic Blast™ is intended for pre-referral interventions and classroom carryover. Up to four players can participate at a time.

I Know What to Do Card Game

I Know What to Do is a social skills card game that’s simple and effective for students who:

  • Present impulsivity concerns
  • Need social stories and scripts
  • Need more practice with learning appropriate social responses

Participating in this game allows students to process through difficult situations that occur throughout the day by making a “match” of the appropriate response to a potentially challenging social scenario.

Power Moves Card Game

Power Moves was designed for K-2 students, but it can be easily modified for use with older students, too. During gameplay, students strengthen their balance, coordination, and sensory motor skills in a simple matching game.

This game gets everyone on their feet, but the pictures are easy to follow, so minimal adult supervision is required. That also makes this a great option for indoor recess or as part of a movement break or “brain break” during the day.

Ask PTS How Our Capable Classroom™ Programs Can Help Your District Promote Inclusivity in the Classroom

Our Capable Classroom™ games and activities are carefully designed to help your students practice targeted skills within the general education environment without the need for a formal evaluation. This exposes more students to therapeutic interventions, promotes inclusivity, and reduces referrals to related services. So, while promoting inclusivity, you’re also containing costs in your special education program.

Contact PTS to find out how you can seamlessly incorporate our Capable Classroom™ materials to promote inclusivity in your district.

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