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How PTS Can Help You Land a BCaBA Position

What Is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst? (BCaBA)

In general, behavior analysts study principles of learning and behavior. This includes a wide variety of subjects, such as behavioral economics, autism, special education, and more.

Becoming a BCaBA involves getting an undergraduate-level certification in behavior analysis. Under this title, you are considered an assistant behavior analyst that has been certified by an accredited organization.

Professionals who are certified at the board certified assistant behavior analyst level may not practice independently; they are supervised by someone certified at the BCBA/BCBA-D level. Under the direct supervision of a BCBA, BCaBAs can conduct assessments, develop programming, analyze data, write and revise behavior-treatment plans, and supervise other staff members. Assistant behavior analysts are also responsible for maintaining competence in their field by reading the appropriate literature, attending conferences, and completing additional coursework.

How PTS Can Guide You on Your Career Journey

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) provides BCaBA services in school districts, as part of an Autistic Support program as well as Early Intervention services through local Intermediate Units.

The amount of responsibilities involved in the BCaBA position might seem overwhelming, especially if you have yet to secure a position. Alas, you do not have to do everything on your own.

PTS Clinical Directors ensure each therapist that works with us receives all the field-specific resources and supports they need to do their jobs exceptionally well. PTS utilizes a collaborative model for supporting therapists and related service professionals known as the Therapeutic Ecosystem. With this model, you’re guaranteed to receive the following benefits from our three cornerstones:

  1. Team. BCaBAs have growth opportunities, where they can learn the process of becoming a board certified behavior analyst and advancing their careers.

  1. Tools. With shared therapist resources and our School Based Academy program, you’ll learn how to hone your school-based practice skills and effectively apply your behavior analyst experience with your students.

  1. Technology. Use our interactive website and other social media platforms to gain insight on advancements in the field of behavior analysis and hear from other BCaBAs and BCBAs.

For more information on joining PTS and securing a board certified assistant behavior analyst position, contact us today!

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