Budget Watch™

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) developed an award-winning staffing management software called BudgetWatch™ that provides solutions to several seemingly competing challenges our partnering districts face. Discover how you can serve more students for less with PTS below!

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What Is BudgetWatch™ Technology?

BudgetWatch™ TechBudgetWatch™ is PTS’s online data collection and analytics platform that offers an in-depth analysis of all relevant data for programming at no cost to our partnering districts. This fiscally transparent budgeting and compliance software provides the necessary data-driven tools for:

  • Strategic program implementation.
  • Compliance assurance.
  • High-performance analytics.

By collecting data on referrals, caseload changes, costs by child, and costs by category, BudgetWatch™ empowers you to maximize the productivity of your therapy team and help more students for less.

How Does BudgetWatch™ Technology Work?

First, therapists enter billing data into the database. Then, BudgetWatch™ analytics identifies any spikes in referrals. A PTS Clinical Director then:

  • Analyzes the root causes of these spikes.
  • Recommends Tier I and Tier II interventions.
  • Suggests in-service trainings on strategies to help more students and prevent unnecessary referrals—provided for free to partnering districts!

Moving forward, PTS’s Clinical Directors continue to provide support by monitoring progress and recommending any real-time adjustments needed to improve outcomes—without increasing costs. They suggest proven solutions that can be implemented at the classroom level that address challenges, such as excessive or inaccurate referrals, unchecked caseload growth, and decreasing therapist efficiency.

Easy-to-Follow Analytics Provided by BudgetWatch™ Program Summaries

After PTS’s management team analyzes the data and trends, you receive all the insights in BudgetWatch™ Program Summaries, which is easily accessible graphic presentations of performance metrics and billing information. This information enables you to:

  • BudgetWatch™ ResearchControl costs.
  • Make budget forecasts.
  • Pinpoint areas in need of additional teacher training.
  • Correct small problems before they become big ones.

Over time, you can also compare trends from year-to-year to form a long-term picture of your therapy program.

Building-Level Insights From BudgetWatch™ Building Report Cards

As a PTS partner, you also receive regular BudgetWatch™ Building Report Cards that provide a big-picture view of the performance and resource utilization of every building in your district. This information offers clear insights into what is and is not working, enabling you to analyze costs, referrals, and special education processes at the building level.

The BudgetWatch™ Building Report Cards enable you to drive real, positive change across your district and maximize the productivity of your therapy team, so you can help even more students at a lower cost.

Compliance Assurance Through Cost-Per-Child Reports

Yet another benefit of partnering with PTS is compliance assurance support. Our Cost-Per-Child Reports provide you with permanent attendance and service records for every student, which enables accurate tracking for IEP compliance.

These reports provide complete transparency by documenting the real, itemized cost of students, including every minute of billing applied by category, date, and therapy type.

Find Out How BudgetWatch™ Technology Can Help You Contain Costs & Serve More Students Today

While the topic of school budget cuts can be difficult, the right resources make this conversation with your special education team easier. Thanks to BudgetWatch™ technology and PTS’s support, managing costs won’t mean sacrificing quality of care.

Receive the fiscal accountability you need and optimize your special education budget with the help of PTS’s BudgetWatch™ technology. For more information, contact PTS today!

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