Manage Your Special Education Budgeting with PTS

Our BudgetWatch™ Technology Cuts Costs and Improves Program Quality

Determining how to cut costs in your school district poses a dilemma: while cost management is an essential component of a well-functioning district, you want to avoid skimping on the resources that benefit students the most. Consider special education budgeting in particular. How can you as a school administrator optimize your spending while continuing to serve as many students on the caseload as possible?
PTS makes this widespread financial predicament easier to navigate with our staffing management software, BudgetWatch™. When you partner with PTS, our BudgetWatch™ technology collects data on critical aspects of your therapy and related services programs.  This includes:

  • Referrals
  • Caseloads
  • Efficiency
  • Therapy costs
  • Overall program effectiveness

Functioning as a budget manager is easier with all of this information readily available to analyze.

Special Education Budgeting Within the Therapeutic Ecosystem

The Therapeutic Ecosystem, PTS’ innovative service model, provides administrators with the resources and technology needed to manage their special education budgets effectively. BudgetWatch™ is a significant component of this model, allowing easy access to detailed performance metrics to help better manage your special educations costs.
When therapists enter billing data into the database, BudgetWatch™ analytics identifies any spikes in referrals. A PTS director will then analyze root causes for these spikes, recommend Tier I and II supports, and suggest in-service trainings (provided for FREE by PTS) on strategies for improving student focus and preventing unnecessary referrals.
In other words, PTS saves you time and does the problem-solving for you!
With these metrics, we can fine-tune the team’s performance and outcomes of our MTSS/RtII solutions. BudgetWatch™ can monitor the impact of interventions and optimize outcomes when necessary. Rather than spending the time to sift through unorganized pieces of data and struggling to determine the cause of a referral or budget spike by yourself, BudgetWatch™ does the work for you.

PTS Program Summaries

In addition to the accessible and analytical features of BudgetWatch™, PTS offers an easy-to-access graphic presentation of performance metrics and billing information known as Program Summaries. These concise overviews help you understand what is happening in your related services program in order to accurately make budget forecasts, control costs, pinpoint areas in need of additional teacher training, and correct small problems before they balloon.
Program Summaries also allow you to compare trends from year to year for a long-term picture of your progress. Our newest feature, the Building Report Card, provides a view of the performance and resource utilization of every building in your district. Having all of this information at your fingerprints enables you to understand what is working and which areas have the greatest need for improvement.

While the topic of school budget cuts are a delicate and sometimes tense discussion, the right resources will make this conversation with your special education team easier. After all, when you partner with PTS, cutting costs won’t mean cutting quality.

Receive the fiscal accountability you need and optimize your special education budgeting with BudgetWatch™. For more information about this PTS service, please visit us here or contact us at 610-941-7020.
Why BudgetWatch™ is the Most Efficient Way to Improve Related Services