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Real Schools, Real Results: PTS Case Studies

Regardless of caseload, our integrated and innovative approach to delivering therapy services saves school programs money without compromising the quality of care. Nowhere is that clearer than in the stories of our clients. You can read some of those stories here to find out how our innovative model delivers real-world success while helping schools maximize the supports they offer students.

If you want to learn how we can apply our approach to your school’s related services program, contact the team at Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS).

PTS and Penn Delco Successfully Reduced School Refusal Behavior by 94% Within the First Month of Treatment

PTS Case StudiesBEFORE | A student had been attending school but had been refusing to participate in any undesired activities for over three months.

AFTER | By partnering with PTS, Penn Delco School District reduced school refusal behavior by 94% within the first month of treatment.

PTS Behavioral Services Helped a Local District Prevent a Costly Outplacement

A student at a suburban high school had been attending school but was refusing to participate in any undesired activities for over three months. As a result, he spent multiple hours a day engaged in problematic behaviors like leaving and disrupting the classroom.

The school had been through several non-PTS behavior support staff personnel—and turnover and lack of consistency was a problem. The district was certain this student would be unable to remain in-district and was gearing up for an extremely costly outplacement.

PTS’s Director of Behavioral Health was on site within 24 hours to begin consultation and determined that more targeted assessments were needed. Next, we:

  • Completed a formal functional behavior assessment
  • Developed a behavior plan and immediately implemented it
  • Identified a highly trained behavior technician with a comprehensive background in applied behavior analysis (ABA) to meet the needs of this student

The team collected data on the success of individual reinforcement strategies, enabling the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to fine-tune the student’s program. The daily on-site presence of the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) created opportunities for modeling appropriate implementation of interventions for classroom staff.


PTS’s behavior team successfully reduced school refusal behavior by 94% within the first month of treatment. This student is now fully participating in all general and special education curriculum in his home district, and our BCBA is continuing to monitor for maintenance. A year later, this student was still in his home district and serving as an example of success in the least restrictive environment for both families and district staff.

PTS and Upper Perkiomen School District Reduced Related Services Costs by 25% While Helping More Students

PTS Case StudiesBEFORE | Upper Perkiomen School District needed to balance a tightening budget with the therapeutic needs of their students.

AFTER | By partnering with PTS, Upper Perkiomen School District reduced their related services costs by 25% while also improving the supports they offer students on—and off—caseload.

Helping More Students Without Adding to the Therapy Caseload

Like so many other school districts, the Upper Perkiomen School District’s administration just assumed that an annual jump in related service costs was inevitable. But as the budget got tighter, the Director of Pupil Services & Special Education decided it was time to explore other options.

In just one year, PTS was able to save the district money and stabilize the budget. We provided a targeted suite of pre-referral interventions around handwriting and sensory processing, helping even more students to improve function without ever being placed on therapy caseload!


PTS’s Average Cost per Student receiving direct service on the Occupational Therapy (OT) caseload was $538 less than the previous provider. For a district with 134 students on its OT caseload, that amounted to $72,092 in savings, a 25% reduction in related service costs.

In subsequent years with the district, costs remained controlled, transparent, and tied to investments in district initiatives. Since PTS has one of the lowest rates of turnover in the industry, satisfaction with our team just keeps getting better.

With Help from PTS, Costs for the Centennial School District’s SLP Program Have Increased Less than 1% Over 10 Years

PTS Case StudiesBEFORE | Centennial School District needed to control therapy costs without sacrificing quality of speech therapy services provided.

AFTER | Since PTS began providing speech services, overall efficiency has consistently been 100% higher while costs have increased less than 1% since the program’s inception in 2005.*

Management from PTS Takes Service to the Next Level at Centennial School District

PTS has developed the technology platform and management supports to deliver on the promise of controlling therapy costs.

To help Centennial School District absorb additional speech-language pathology students onto the therapy caseload without proportional spikes in expenses, a PTS Clinical Director provided weekly, on-site support at no additional cost to the district.

Since PTS began providing speech services to the entire school district, overall efficiency has consistently been 100% or higher.* The team has worked with the administration to clarify processes, tighten schedules, and service students in groups, whenever appropriate.

PTS’s BudgetWatch™ system helps us cultivate opportunities to improve workflow. We identify and target areas that need improvement, maximizing therapists’ time to see more students for less money.


There are few more compelling ways to demonstrate our program management chops than a year-to-year comparison of the speech program at Centennial School District. As of 2016, PTS’s total cost stayed within 0.4% of the inception of the program in 2005, solidifying another three-year contract renewal.

*PTS measures efficiency as the total IEP time covered + diagnostic time/hours billed so the benefit of group sessions is captured.

PTS Reduced West Chester Area School District Special Education Costs per Month by 9.7% in Two Years

PTS Case StudiesBEFORE | With their previous related services provider, West Chester Area School District saw yearly cost increases for nearly a decade.

AFTER | PTS reduced average cost per month by 4.7% in the first year, and by an additional 5% the following year.

PTS Turned the Tide on Budget Bleed for West Chester Area School District

PTS decreased therapy expenses for West Chester Area School District for five straight years—without losing a single step in service—by implementing a progressive approach, modeled on accountability and fiscal transparency.


In our first year of providing occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) services, cost per month went down 4.7%. They decreased an additional 5% in the second year. Since 2010, PTS has worked to bring outplaced students back to their home district, while saving West Chester Area School District tens of thousands of dollars in private placements.

Even better, in the district’s PTS/CCIU Pilot Program, PTS’s effective hourly rate was found to be 10% lower than the other provider despite PTS having a $7/hour higher bill rate. To this day, district satisfaction with the OT/PT program remains at an all-time high and supplemental speech, nursing, and psychological services have been added.

Delaware County School District Reduced Occupational Therapy Referrals by 42% with Help from PTS

PTS Case StudiesBEFORE | Delaware County School District needed a solution to the sharp increase in referrals for writing skills issues, coming primarily from the first and second grade.

AFTER | PTS used their proprietary software and resources to pinpoint the problem and reduce OT referrals for handwriting by 42% at the end of a 6-week supplemental handwriting program.

Addressing a Spike in Handwriting Referrals for OT at Delaware County School District without Adding More Students to Therapy Caseloads

When teachers at Delaware County School District reported that nearly half of their students were experiencing significant difficulty with letter formation skills, PTS used their proprietary BudgetWatch™ software to pinpoint the problem.

Through PTS’s Team, Tools, and Technology Approach, we were able to identify the problem quickly and find:

  • The exact source of increases in referrals
  • The specific students impacted
  • The perfect solution to level the playing field

We implemented PTS’s proprietary program Pencil Power™ in small groups right away. This intensive program was ideally targeted to students who required additional supports without having to move forward with OT evaluations. This keeps handwriting in the realm of regular education, where it belongs.


At the conclusion of the Pencil Power™ 6-week, supplemental handwriting instruction club, PTS reported a 42% drop in OT referrals.

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