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Working With PTS

Working With PTS

Our mission is to be the leading provider of education-based therapy solutions and to offer the most innovative and effective therapy programming available.

So the therapists who work with us are mission critical—and we don’t forget it. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us!

When you partner with PTS in your school-based therapy career, you get:

We’ll send you to school-based positions that match your unique clinical strengths, caseload preferences, and particular work-life balance needs.

Our experienced Clinical Directors advise, guide, support, and, when needed, advocate for you on the job.

Our Lending Library saves you time and money by putting industry-standard assessments as well as therapist-developed and -tested tools at the ready.

Our alliance with an otherwise unaffiliated, independent insurance broker makes it easy to choose the options best suited to your budget and your lifestyle.

We regularly sponsor inservice trainings and social events where you’ll learn about the latest developments in school-based therapy while making lasting connections with colleagues.

Build Your School-Based Therapy Career as an Independent Contractor

Through our strong network of Independent Contractors (ICs), PTS provides quality treatment and effective interventions to students throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

When you’re an IC, you are your own business. Because every therapist’s situation is unique, practicing as an IC isn’t right for everyone. But consider its advantages:

PTS Clinical Directors Mentor You and Help You Grow as a Therapist

Whatever your therapy discipline—Physical or Occupational TherapySpeech Language PathologyPsychology, or Behavioral Health—our Clinical Directors are close at hand to help.

Our Clinical Directors are close at hand to help and direct you. They’re always no farther away than a phone call or email, and can even join you on-site if necessary.

As part of managing our clients’ related service programs on a day-to-day basis, PTS Clinical Directors, each of whom has years of experience as a school-based therapist, will and support you so you are as successful as possible. If needed, they will:

  • Offer advice and feedback as you work with students, making your interventions all the more effective.

  • Consult with you when you’re dealing with more complex cases to bring about better outcomes for the student, their families, and the school. 

  • Advocate for you with teachers, administrators, and students’ families and caregivers, as needed, so you’re not left to handle difficult situations on your own.

  • Share their firsthand experience working as an IC so you avoid potentially costly or even career-ending mistakes.

  • Strategize with you about your career journey, pointing you toward ways to learn, grow, and achieve, professionally and financially.

PTS’ Lending Library Gives You Ready Access to Must-Have Resources

Our extensive, up-to-date Lending Library of evaluations, assessments, test forms, and other materials—all field-tested and many designed by therapists—means PTS clinicians can use the resources standard in school-based therapy careers without having to hunt them down or pay for them out of pocket.

In-demand resources available to you include:

  • BOT 2 (Buinicks Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency 2)

  • SPM (Sensory Processing Measure)

  • Beery VMI  6 (Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration)

  • SP 2 (Sensory Profile 2)

  • MVPT 4 (Motor-free Visual Perception Test 4)
  • CELF 5 (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 5)

  • GFTA 3  (Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation 3)

  • OWLS II LC/OE ( Oral and Written Language Scales 2 – Listening Comprehension & Oral Expression)

  • TOLD 5 P/I (Test of Language Development Primary/Intermediate)

  • SSI 4 (Stuttering Severity Instrument 4)

The VB Kit and VB Mapp Guide

Left to your own resources, you’d spend several hundred dollars (and in some cases, close to $1000.00) acquiring any one of these assessments and evaluations. But thanks to your access to PTS’ Lending Library as one of our clinicians, you can get any of these and many more for free, and can use them for up to 30 days.

Start by filling out an online request from. Within 24 business hours, you can either pick up what you’ve requested from our main office in Conshohocken, or have us ship it directly to you.

School-Based Academy Equips You to Succeed in Education Settings

PTS’ School Based Academy is multi-session, specific training in how to jumpstart a successful career in school-based therapy. Through both on-demand webinars you can watch at your convenience and live, interactive Zoom sessions, you’ll get the practical knowledge you need, whether you’re a brand new practitioner or coming to the schools from another clinical setting.

You’ll gain a practical understanding of school-based practice’s central issues, including:

  • Building relationships so teachers, staff, families, and caregivers become your allies for quality student care.

  • Managing your caseload and schedule with maximum efficiency.

  • Collecting and analyzing data to document students’ achievements and your interventions’ effectiveness.

  • Delivering excellent treatment and care when you’re given limited space and resources.

  • Writing relevant, measurable, and legally defensible Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals squarely focused on students’ progress.

PTS’ Clinical Fellowship Program Facilitates Professional Progress

Your Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) marks the culmination of the diligent study and hard work you’ve invested in becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. Make your CFY the substantive, challenging, and ultimately enriching year you deserve by choosing to complete it with PTS.

Because of the extensive supervision we provide them, Clinical Fellows are considered PTS employees for the duration of their CFY. When you join us, you’ll get (in addition to a Clinical Director and all the other benefits of working with the PTS team):

  • CF “Boot Camp”
    A thorough orientation to school-based therapy so you know what you must to start your CFY strongly and smoothly.

  • CF Resource Binder
    Documents, assessments, templates, and tools to help you organize yourself, learn more about your discipline, and deliver high quality service to students.

  • CF Program Coordinator
    Ongoing connections, networking, and check-ins, making sure your Clinical Fellowship Year is exactly the experience you need it to be.


Part-time caseload sizes vary. Our full-time caseload sizes are:

  • Physical Therapists: 30-50
  • Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants: 50-60
  • Speech Language Pathologists: 65 maximum

Typically, you’ll work with students’ teachers to plan your schedule during your first week on the job, then make any adjustments the second week. If you’re providing services via school-based teletherapy, you’ll need to communicate with parents or other caregivers to arrange your schedule.

No. You can bill for anything related to your caseload—time spent in meetings, completing documentation, and so on. There’s little you can’t bill for, so long as your billing makes sense.

Yes. You’ll bill your regular hourly rate between schools within the same district (not for travel among different districts). You cannot bill for travel time from your home to the district.

PTS allows you discretion to create a data-collection system that best suits your individual needs and your students’ needs.  We do offer standard, downloadable data sheets on our team site should you be interested.

You can complete session notes either way. You’ll file progress reports using online IEPs, and you’ll do your Medicare Assistance (MA) billing online.

Yes! PTS offers new therapist orientations before the start of every school year. We also post orientation videos on our team website, which all our therapists can access at their convenience. And throughout the year we offer billing trainings, Q&A sessions, and other opportunities to learn the ins and outs of school-based therapy through Facebook Live and other platforms.

Are you ready to start an exciting new stage in your school-based therapy career as a provider of school-based related services?

  • Step 1: Apply to one of our open positions on our website.
  • Step 2: Interview with our team
  • Step 3: Start doing good for students!
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