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At PTS, we view our contractors as partners and work hard to build lasting and fulfilling matches between clinicians and clients. If you are interested in a career with PTS, this is the section of our website that may interest you the most. Here you’ll learn about our Therapist Achievement Approach, designed to empower you to serve student needs, and ensure your success with consistent support. Therapists throughout our service area will tell you PTS is a very special company.  We treat each therapist as an individual, taking into account his or her clinical strengths, professional goals, family/personal obligations, and caseload preferences to find a position that meet ALL of those needs. We provide on-site clinical and administrative support, so you never feel alone. 

With some companies you’re completely on your own to navigate the gauntlet of options for professional liability and medical insurance. Others will provide you with website addresses for seven or eight companies for you to research (in your spare time during your job search).  PTS, Inc. has established a strategic alliance with an otherwise unaffiliated, independent insurance broker qualified to listen to your priorities, understand your insurance needs, and do the legwork to present you with only the options that are a best fit for your budget and your lifestyle. One call. No cost. 

PTS also provides access to other members of our outstanding network of professionals at company-sponsored inservices and social events. Because in this ever-changing industry information-exchange is critical and mentorship is a must.


The Therapist Achievement Approach is a qualifying, placement, and support process for prospective PTS therapists. We strive to place the best clinician in the right school environment, empower them to serve the students, and ensure their success throughout the year with consistent delivery of support, professional guidance and peer-based learning.

Step One: The Perfect Match Assessment
The first step of our process is a brief interview designed to acquaint us with your professional experience and goals. We will outline the needs of the programs we serve, share our unique system for therapist support, and work together to determine the best fit for your personal and professional needs.
Step Two: The Opportunity Alignment
This onsite location preview will allow you to evaluate the assignment, the school, the program administrator’s expectations and the paperwork requirements. We will also provide you with a complimentary Career Opportunity Packet  (a professional resource packet filled with helpful reminders and forms.)
Step Three: The SmartStart Advantage
At this meeting, we will deliver a PTS Confidence Kit to you that includes a client’s initiatives and goals, accurate caseload lists, instructions for our online billing system, and the schedule of our professional development workshops. We also include an introduction to the team and a welcoming to the PTS community.
Step Four: The Onsite Alliance Network
Once you are onsite in your assignment, we will provide specific clinical support, professional mentoring and dedicated advocacy wherever needed.
Step Five: Year-to-Year Transition Support  
Secure your position for the next school year with PTS, and prepare for a seamless transition into the next year as we discuss any questions, conflicts and successes and provide you with the opportunity to engage in a dialogue about your career ladder with one of our Program Directors. To end the year right, we host our PTS Thank You Party where we announce awards and celebrate our shared achievements.


We recognize that therapists are not just looking for their next “job;” ultimately they want a career. PTS offers a number of advancement opportunities that allow therapists to learn, grow, and achieve, both professionally and financially.

Program Coordinators
Program Coordinators provide an additional layer of on-site coordination at our large clients, implementing program initiatives, streamlining communication, and acting as liaisons between therapists and administration.

Clinical Specialists
PTS Clinical Specialists are available to PTS contractors and clients to act as mentors, clinical consultants, and in some cases program managers. Some clinical specialists also work as Task Force team members, working with a team of other professionals to consult on difficult cases and make expert recommendations.

Evaluation Specialists
These clinicians possess the expertise or credentials to perform specialized evaluations (such as the SIPT) for students in a variety of different educational programs.

Due Process Specialists
These therapists act as consultants to clients who are in due process as a result of therapy related issues. They provide expert evaluations, consult with administrators and attorneys, and are available for legal proceedings when necessary.

​CFY Supervisors
PTS works with a certain number of speech therapists each year who are in their Clinical Fellowship Year. CFY supervisors provide the necessary supervision of these therapists and act as mentors helping them mature into outstanding clinicians.


School-based academy

PTS is invested in the professional development and satisfaction of our therapists, which is why we are proud to launch the PTS School Based Academy for the 2017-2018 school year.   PTS’ School Based Academy (SBA) is a program where new therapists will learn the ins and outs of school-based practice, including:
​Sessions begin in August and run twice per month through November on Thursday evenings at our corporate office in Conshohocken.  Those who register will receive intermittent emails with follow-up resources and reminders.  Therapists are able to sign-up for both the sessions and emails or just the emails.  This is a great opportunity to ensure a smooth transition into school based practice and build up the therapist community.


PTS is known throughout the region for providing an excellent CFY experience, with resources and support that ensure you’ll grow both professionally and personally. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose PTS for your CFY:
  • Outstanding CFY Supervision and mentorship from experienced pediatric therapists
  • Access to PTS’ School Based Academy to help you get the best possible start in your school-based practice
  • A cohesive team of highly-respected therapy professionals, dedicated to providing you with the support you deserve
  • Collaboration in providing targeted interventions and consultation to special needs students and their teachers, aides and parents
  • Highly- desirable school district and state-of-the art building-level programming
  • Continuing education programs
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Our well-established program guarantees that you get the weekly support and advocacy you deserve
  • Diverse caseloads, matched to suit your clinical strengths and interests 
  • Additional access to mentorship from peers
  • The perfect blend of fun and educational networking opportunities 
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