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Top Three Reasons to Apply Your New RBT Certification at PTS, Inc.

PTS, Inc. Can Help RBTs Like You Get Your Foot in the Door

Have you recently received your registered behavior technician certification? Great! That means you have completed the requisite 40 hours of training, passed the exam and assessment, and are now ready to begin working. The question is; where will you apply?

If you are new to the field of school-based therapy and related services, the application process may seem intimidating. Fortunately, the Clinical Directors at PTS, Inc., can help you transition smoothly. Below are the top three reasons you should choose PTS to help you navigate your new profession.

Three Reasons Why PTS Is the Best Choice for Therapy and Related Services Staffing

  1. Our highly-effective placement process
    PTS doesn’t only aim to meet school districts’ demands. We look at both the special education program’s needs and our therapists’ and related service providers’ career objectives. Gathering this key information helps us make perfect matches. The process we use to place therapists is called the Therapist Achievement Approach. Five steps are involved:
    • One
      Briefly interview therapy and related service professionals to understand their skills, experience, and career goals. This is when we get to meet and learn more about you!
    • Two
      Often, we provide onsite location previews, so therapists and related service providers can evaluate the program for themselves and understand their potential role there.
    • Three
      Give you a PTS Confidence Kit, so you can be well-informed before beginning work. This kit includes the following:
      • The district’s goals
      • An accurate caseload list
      • Online billing instructions
      • A schedule of all PTS professional development workshops
    • Four
      Receive unmatched support while onsite in your assignment from our Clinical Directors.
    • Five
      Secure next year’s position and rise on the career ladder with our guidance!

    We have found the most success with this intricate, multiple-step placement process. Throughout this process, our clinical directors work diligently to empower therapists and related service providers in their professions.

  2. registered behavior technician certificationOur beneficial guidance in becoming an independent contractor
    What is an independent contractor, you ask? The best way to define this is in comparison to the definition of an employee. As an RBT who works as an employee for a school district, you will likely be assigned a schedule and your income tax, Social Security, and Medicare are withheld from your wages. When you work as an independent contractor, though, you become your own boss. Independent contractors have more freedom to say yes or no to new assignments. Plus, employee taxes are not withheld, which means more money for you both upfront and in the long run. Therapists and related service providers who have become independent contractors especially love the flexibility it adds to their schedules. You have the power to choose when and where you work! This perk is particularly attractive to parents who want to spend more time with their kids or RBTs who simply have other obligations to attend to.
  3. Our School-Based Academy
    PTS is invested in the professional development, confidence, gratification of our therapists, so we created the School-Based Academy. This program enables new therapists to learn the ins and outs of school-based practice and where they fit into a school district’s special education program. New therapists who participate in PTS’ School-Based Academy will be able to:
    • Utilize the best methods for collecting data and effectively monitor the progress of students.
    • Build relationships between team members, particularly Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs).
    • Understand your role in a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/Response to Intervention & Instruction (MTSS) approach.

PTS Can Help You Use Your Registered Behavior Technician Certification to the Fullest

Now that you have your certification, you know what your role as a registered behavior technician will entail. In any school district, your responsibilities will likely include measuring and recording behavioral data, supporting procedures in skill acquisition and behavior reduction plans, and assisting BCBAs and BCaBAs with their duties. The position of an RBT involves more than just carrying out these responsibilities. You also must have excellent communication and time management skills.

Does it sound like you’ll have a lot to juggle? That is why PTS has your back! The six Clinical Directors at PTS have all worked as school-based therapists and independent contractors previously. Therefore, they have the wisdom and experience to guide you as you enter a new position.

For more information about joining PTS as a Registered Behavior Technician, contact our Conshohocken office here or call us at 610-941-7020.

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