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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional. 19702 Newark DE

School Counselor. 19113 Philadelphia PA

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School Counselor. 19702 Newark DE

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School Counselor. 19701 Bear DE

How School Counselors Help Students

Supporting the mental health needs of students is key to removing barriers to learning and development. School counselors’ provide a vital role in supporting academic wellness, by supporting students’ social and emotional needs.  School counselors are uniquely qualified to provide consultative support to teachers and families, short-term counseling to students and referral services to community-based resources when needed. Our mental health team provides a school counseling program designed to meet the developmental needs of all students using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support approach. Our model is designed to allow students to access the appropriate level of support, wherever they are on the continuum at any given time.  Interventions are tiered to allow for increased intensity and individualization of support during times of crisis or transition, with an eye toward fading supports, with the goal of building capacity, not dependency.  As a component of this program, school counselors collaborate with other educators and community service providers to meet the needs of the whole child.

Our multi-disciplinary, integrated approach allows mental health providers to have the opportunity to learn from and incorporate tools and concepts from other related services providers, including sensory integration for self-regulation, strategies to facilitate social pragmatic language and behavioral health support as needed for small group sessions and more complex individual students.  Both our counselors and the students we serve benefit from this multi-disciplinary model.  Responsibilities include:

  • Delivery of instruction that proactively enhances awareness of mental health; promotes positive, healthy behaviors; and seeks to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues
  • Providing students with appraisal and advisement addressing their academic, career and social/emotional needs
  • Recognizing mental health warning signs
  • Providing short-term counseling and crisis intervention focused on mental health or situational concerns such as grief or difficult transitions
  • Providing referrals to school and community resources that treat mental health issues (suicidal ideation, violence, abuse and depression) with the intent of removing barriers to learning and helping the student return to the classroom
  • Educating teachers, administrators, families and community stakeholders about the mental health concerns of students, including recognition of the role environmental factors have in causing or exacerbating mental health issues, and provide resources and information
  • Advocating, collaborating and coordinating with school and community stakeholders to meet the needs of the whole child and to ensure students and their families have access to mental health services
  • Recognizing and addressing barriers to accessing mental health services and the associated stigma, including cultural beliefs and linguistic impediments

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