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Pediatric School Psychology

PTS School Psychologists utilize a broad range of skills to address student needs in a variety of areas. Although school psychologists are not generally trained teachers, their role requires them to look at the effectiveness of a child’s academic program, classroom routine, and treatment strategies, all of which assist in the development of an individualized plan.

The School Psychologist works with the entire team — students, parents, and teachers — to promote academic, emotional, and behavioral success. Their responsibilities include comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as consultation with school personnel in relation to student learning, behavior, and environment. In many programs, our school psychologists also provide individual, group, and organizational interventions – including counseling – both individually and in groups. 

As part of the PTS commitment to support teachers, our psychologists can provide training about various learning and mental health topics (e.g., behavior management, referral process, ADHD, etc.). PTS School Psychologists are experts in Special Education and have a large role in the eligibility process for special education, assessing students suspected of having a disability as part of the process in determining eligibility for special education services. 

To be truly accurate and effective, the assessment must be a collaborative process in which the school psychologist obtains the teachers’ and parents’ perspectives. This allows the School Psychologist to develop a comprehensive picture of the student, his or her functioning, and how interventions can be developed. In order to ensure quality and compliance, PTS has a lead school psychologist to support our team in the field.
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